Blood Magic

What most people seems to underestimate, is the effect is has on a rangers skills. The mana multiplier is insane, and the rangers skills is expensive, so u really pay alot of life per sec as a hunter.

Sure as a melee or another build, where skills costs nothing, its a fine gem. But as a ranger, i prefer the keystone anyway(except endgame with great gear perhaps:))
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I haven't played many different builds in this game, but I played a lot of bow ranger and I can say I really feel this gem is a big problem.

To me the main problem is balancing mana-use instead of blood magic gem. It is virtually impossible to use anything besides split arrow without blood magic, and even with split arrow I have crazy mana problems, even while I have invested 8 talent points on lvl 89 bow ranger to the sole purpose of fixing my mana problems.

I am not really saying a change should be made to the BM-gem, but GGG should really consider a major change in balancing mana. From what I heard it's even worse for many spellcaster builds, compared to a split shot ranger, which to me speaks volumes.

Make mana more viable and many builds would have a real alternative to this gem.
My biggest problem with this gem is the Quality bonus: +.75% increased Attack Speed when on Low Life (per 1% Quality). It's downright awful. Let's create a gem that makes you lose life, and when on Low Life, it makes you lose life even faster!
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FullCust wrote:
ScrotieMcB wrote:
Instead of providing the full Blood Magic bonus, this gem should convert a portion of the cost to life, while keeping the rest mana. The mana cost multiplier should remain constant, but the % converted should increase with gem level. For example: 200% cost multiplier, 60-79% converted to Life. This would keep the keystone's effect unique and special, while giving players a stronger alternative to Reduced Mana if they're willing to take on a life cost.

just stop; play the game more thoroughly before you keep suggesting things like this, the nerf MF nonsense or the SFL
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guys, you don't have a problem with the blood magic gem, you just need a gain mana on hit gem.

The bloodmagic gem is fine the way it is atm for melee. Its not made for rangers.
I have tried it as a ranger, its just scary to use it, it always feels like a fast way to kill yourself^^
Quality applies only to suuported skills(seems useless if so)?
Yes, it indeed works like every Support Gem modifier.
Been playing Blood magic with melee skills recently and have noticed that:

a) I have 150-200 "health cost" per Cyclone swing. I can do two of those per second so thats an overkill of 400hp loss per second. This is with 5 and 6l. Cyclone is not even an option for me cause of this. Cyclone unplayable in many scenarios cause of high mana cost in base of skill.

b) Any other melee skill: even if I wear Carnage heart I barely manage to justify Blood magic. At the moment it seems that I dont leech at all when using Blood magic. Sad situation when I would actually need some life leeched to be able to facetank the mobs like melee should be able to.

These tests have been made with tons of Life leech and around 4-5k hp.

Correct me if I am wrong or am doing something wrong.

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if you're using fast attacks like cyclone, suggest life gain on hit instead of leech support gem. leeching wants high damage, where life gain on hit doesn't care what damage you do. i remember something about damage effectiveness affecting life gain... but thats likely wrong now.

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