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Cudez wrote:

b) Any other melee skill: even if I wear Carnage heart I barely manage to justify Blood magic. At the moment it seems that I dont leech at all when using Blood magic. Sad situation when I would actually need some life leeched to be able to facetank the mobs like melee should be able to.

These tests have been made with tons of Life leech and around 4-5k hp.

Correct me if I am wrong or am doing something wrong.

Well I recently made Facebreaker build (inspired by "how to smash heads" guide. One option is DomiBlow+MulS+MelS+BM. Only 2% life leech from a ring (no leech from tree/gem). Can't even see life level dropping, except when going vs reflectors.

+1 to advice on LGoH if using fast low-damage attacks. But then you are forced to use this gem, while in case of powerful attacks you can get leech from tree/items which may give you free gem slot.
And worst change is putting almost all bosses in new version of maps into fucking small areas, where you can't kite well or dodge stuff. What a terrible idiot invented that I want say to him: dude flick you, seriously flick you very much.
soul4hdwn wrote:
if you're using fast attacks like cyclone, suggest life gain on hit instead of leech support gem. leeching wants high damage, where life gain on hit doesn't care what damage you do. i remember something about damage effectiveness affecting life gain... but thats likely wrong now.
It does affect LGoH from any source IIRC, and it hasn't been patched out. I wouldn't recommend LGoH on any attack that wasn't multi target.
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that is damage effectiveness, and an old quote relating to the same patch you're talking about...

life on hit really doesn't matter how much damage you do, but yes is affected by damage effectiveness of a skill. you can hit 30 foes for 1 damage each and life on hit will grant full amount if the skill in question was a 100% effectiveness (AoE in addition to be able to hit that many).

to be a little more fair, while cyclone has a very low effectiveness for supports, life on hit did grant me a lot more health than leeching could, specially now that leeching was modified between then and now when it was a close call for both supports for most people due to the insane duration/potency stacking leeching used to have...

also, grammar, i give up.
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Was just saying the damage effectiveness hasn't stopped scaling LGoH (and has always scaled LL by proxy), and that in general LGoH sucks on non-AoE damage sources due to the actual amounts its available in being essentially useless unless hitting masses.

I'm a little hazy on new leech. outside of the fact that it doesn't have any ability to be extended in duration the same way it used to be. But hazy is hazy.
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Can I apply the quality modifiers on my whole character with other than Blood rage?
i like this, merely for the utility it gives, used it on a six link tab, since it allowed me to get away with having to foreplay around mana

which i guess is the idea, but, when you go through the trouble of giving me communist auras, i guess having this gem to capitalize on the debuff is a good thing.

dunno, glad it's in the game if nothing but for a six link tabula rasa build, since, six links are #1 rare as hell, and #2 so expensive in mana you might as well run less links.
I actually just kind of find it bizarre that the witch class can't buy or be rewarded with the blood magic skill gem. Blood Magic in folklore is witchcraft, it's kind of a witch's bread & butter, doesn't make sense for a witch to not be able to buy what they specialize in.
can blood magic get a rework for supported gems get more Damage and a lower mana multiplyer please?
This thread need to be locked as the gem is not exist anymore.....
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