[3.5] CheeQu's CoC Ice Nova Assassin - Up to 7m Shaper DPS + Amazing Clearspeed [In-Depth Guide]

Can someone explain to me, why I got 6 attack per second with everything mentioned in this guide made correct? I have 9% Attackspeed on cospris, the Helm and no other AS roll on anythhing (Juist the 1 node in the passive with 5 as?!?!) and I get 6 attacks per second. Do I have to /2 it or what do I wrong?

edit: ok I think I got it now. But I am not sure. Man this build is brainfizzing as hell xD

Btw. this is my 3. league playn it and oh boy, it's not just funny, it's freaking broken!
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Qmabyte wrote:
I still play this build using dual cospris and while the DPS is extraordinary, it is a glass canon.

You either kill your target before it HITS you, or you die.

Forget about Sirus unless you have a razor sharp understanding of the fight. (ie: expect to lose at least 80% of your exp bar).

I checked other builds including phase acrobatics and they seem a little more viable, although you lose a lot of dps.

The best one is IMHO the ES build you linked.

My builds:

Standard, based on this one, with dual Cospris:

Phase acrobatics, still strongly inspired from the original:

It's pure DPS glass canon build, really. This is not a build to stand and fight, you have to move constantly and hope not to get hit.

If some fights have phases where you cannot hit (=leech) the boss or any other add, you're dead.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! - for sharing your build, it helped me quite alot to ressurect this one :) And yes while it really cant do most endgame, its my go-to farm build :)


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