[Leveling Guide] Speaker for the Dead | 74-minion Mass Summoner 💀

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bvanharjr wrote:
new trees are needed for 3.8!

Open the "LEVELING" spoiler box in the 3.8 build update post. They're in there for the time being, until I finish leveling in Blight League and can take the time to update the original leveling guide using that experience.
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What's the proper Ascension for 3.8?
Thanks! Love this build!!!
Your leveling guide gear can be still followed? or should be follow other one? cuz for points i can use the PoB
For both the above questions, there is a 3.8 update here:
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I still can't figure out what the shaded circles mean in the leveling plan. Forgive me if I'm being dumb.

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