Try the new hideout sharing tool (

Unable to upload my hideout, nothing progersses beyond pressing the upload button
When a press upload button, I get the follow error:

Please use a standardized version (example: 2.3.1)

What does it mean?? format, size?? They can put one tutorial, becouse with this sentence I are lost.
Just wanted to stop in and say WOW! Great website, lets me have a nice looking hideout without me having to spend a day working on it. Thanks a lot for making this website/tool. The not hideout makers like me appreciate it.
I have 504 getway time-out problem when I try to access this website.

Does anyone have the same issue as I do?
504 getway time-out

what's problem?
just want to say thank you for this awesome project of yours.
really appreciate it.
The second page is not displayed due to a server error from a few days ago.
Is the admin noticing?

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