[3.5] Herald of Agony CI Occultist | 1.7M Shaper DPS

Question about the silverbacks...did you just grab them from Act II?
Loved the build, enjoyed it quite a bit.
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LOVING this build. A few thoughts/questions:

1.) Is desecrate important to have auto casting in the helm? As far as I can tell, its only useful for raising higher level spectres. I swapped it out (leaving in my inventory for when I need it) and put in Bladefall. This adds trivial damage, but makes keeping max virulence stacks a joke. Bladefall fires about 50 projectiles with a 20% chance to poison. On top of that, it can hit enemies multiple times.

2.) My solution to the lack of the Asenath's Chant with the Herald of Agony mana reservation helm enchant was to run the Coming Calamity chest piece. Damage feels about the same in end game content.

3.) I switched out faster attacks for a third curse (enfeeble, temp chains and proj weakness). I felt this helped survivability in T16 content. This requires taking 4 nodes to get +1 curse unless you got lucky with an amulet corruption.

Let me know if you guys have any suggestions for my character!

Looks like OP opted for swapping out the SoTL for a 6L Vall Reg??? And a crafted bow??? So it must’ve been worth it? In your previous post on it a couple pages back you did it want worth it but is it now. ?
Why don't we get Zealot's Oath?
Why is blood magic linked to raise spectre?

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why does my spectres keep dying?
i cant keep them alive at all during boss fights either
Build is good so far, bndardut standard player on Xbox it was hard enough to get the upgraded asenath, but I just finished my 500th enchant on it and the only mana reserve reduction I hit in all those enchants was anger. Without that enchant I am missing a shit ton of damage from hatred. I can sacrifice a load of energy shield by ditching disciple to use hatred but it feels too squishy at that point. I may have to try and buy a different helmet with that enchant but people on console are greedy shits so I'd probably pay 30ex for it, and I really don't want to lose the spirit offering/desecrate auto cast. Sad game for me
I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I have every single mana reserve reduction passive node and I switched to coming calamity and everyone else seems to be able to run hatred and disciple with Herald of agony. I have the exact same level 3 enlighten and don't have the Herald of agony enchantment but I have 0 mana available with disciple and hatred both active
Hey man, so I will do the Herald of Agony build for my starter on 3.6, i think its better to sustain the mana if i get a helm with +3 level of socketed minion gem, and the minion damage support, so i have a ''fake'' 6l on the helm, dont have to spent to much on a lvl4 empower, and the mana reservation is much lower, what should i do for the spectres then ?
Thx for this build! Any updates for 3.6 ?

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