[3.5][Cheap-Starter][U-Elder viable][HC-viable] - Herald of Agony Cyclone

swooks wrote:
Hey - enjoying the build! regarding EE proc, because I have hatred up, it means I'm doing fire + cold dmg. So only lightning resist is lowered. You mentioned getting a fire dmg on ring/amy, but also keeping hatred up. Am I missing something here? Thx

You do not deal Cold Damage yourself. Link Hatred to Generosity as shown in the Guide.
dmoniak wrote:
Look really fun..

Can I have an idea where to go in the skill tree?

Theres no real way to progress in the skill tree. But I Will update the leveling section with a progression tree for you.
I'm enjoying this build so much! I added OP and asked him many questions, and he responded very kindly.

Here is a link https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/OniiChanPlsNo/charactersto the Gladiator that I made per OP's guide.

Very, very cheap gear that I upgraded just a tad bit. So far, I am pushing T13 with very little issues, if any.
Which Pantheon did you take?
nice build man just finished shaper
nice build! I finished u-elder with lv 95
hi! loving the build sorry if this was answered already but what are the pantheon choices?
The pantheon I use is Solaris and shakari
hey man, really digging this build but i have a question regarding the links for Herald of Agony, i spent more than 150c trying to get the 3G, 2B, 1R and in the end i kinda settled for 2G,3B,1R

As you can see I replaced vicious projectiles for elemental focus, and on the final build the replacement reduces dps by around 38k which doesnt seem much compared to the total 1.3billion

Elemental focus stops me from proccing elemental conditions, are they important for this build? I didn't see the crawler freezing before introducing Elemental Focus

Edit: on my current setup with gem levels maxed i get 1.37B dps, so the difference becomes just 27k, should i still aim for the Vicious Projectiles to get the ele. conditions tho?
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In which order do you take ascendancy tree nodes?

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