[3.5][Cheap-Starter][U-Elder viable][HC-viable] - Herald of Agony Cyclone

I proceeded like this
Painforged--Versatile Combatant--Violent Retaliation--Blood in the Eyes
Hey man! Thanks for this great build!

I have a character, which is a lvl 95 Champion on Softcore that uses rain of arrows. As you said, that is tanky as well but based on evasion (plus costlier items such as abyss jewels).

Due to how smoothly that cleared the game, I decided to give this a go.

I'm on Act 9 on HC, so far very good, very budget (first char on HC) and it does seem like it will be a lot tankier as the game goes on.

The build is nice and simple, however, it could really do with running over and double checking - it is missing a few details like which bandit to kill, some outdated quest reward for poison (i had to start a shadow to get lesser poison) and some tiny bits.

Otherwise really good, thanks again, dude! :)

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Is LGoH the only way to keep our HP up? I find that with bosses that move around a lot, it is a bit difficult to keep cyclonign to get that life gain, and I start losing life. idk might be doing something wrong?

Also degens seem to affect me a lot.
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Thanks for this guide. I have not played for a while so I had a level 80 gladiator with a full tree to respec. Probably would not have tried a herald of agony build if I had not seen it, and it turns out to be lots of fun.

I find cyclone to be touchy to control, especially with single targets. Plus I use it on my Mjolner build and I wanted something different. I am having success using lvl 20 poison lvl 20 faster attacks gloves with the same 4 link as you but with spectral throw plus GMP +blood magic and LGOH

I find I can keep up close to 40 stacks with spectral throw even on single targets if I position right. I lose the easy perma-fortify and have to get it with whirling blades but I gain a little distance for safety and a little better control in battle. Any thoughts?
will this be updated for 3.6? :) pls! F
Please update for 3.6

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