0.10.2 Patch Notes

othy wrote:
Would really like to know where mana flows is moving to, My templar just invested into this passive. The reduction hit for 20 to 16 will be bad enough but it may no longer be accessible at all.

Patch notes say that Mana Flows will be in the Duelist start area now. So it should be closer to Templar than before. Also, I think you missed the part about Mana Flows being increased from 20% mana regen to 40% mana regen and gaining +10 to intelligence. Focusing only on the 16% and complaining about it when overall Mana Flows is going to be nearly twice as good as before is kinda silly, ya know?
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Completed 13 ChallengesHojirozame wrote:
Will the buffs to skills apply to those already levelled up (i.e. a level 15 Cleave will get an additional 14% physical damage?) Or will we have to level up a fresh gem to get the additional damage?

Duelist changes look awesome btw, my mara will have fun picking up buffed Dervish and Acceleration.

I would assume the patch implements changes at all levels as regards gems. It just replaces old values with new ones.
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Completed 1 ChallengeDragoncrab wrote:
Acceleration in my Duelist passive? Cant wait!
Also I woder how +2 melee range will work.
Does it affect Ground slam AOE?

I don't think it would affect Ground Slam. I read some dev post about melee range being 4-6 and cleave being 20. (Spell totem aggro is 60 I think for some more reference)

So, I guess that the 4 in the range is one-handed and 6 is for two-handed, so now you will be able to get 2H range with 1H. It doesn't seem like a big deal to me but I guess it is good news in that it opens up the door to that mod being on the tree and it maybe becoming relevant.
Snakes get Incinerate with chaos damage. Calling it.

edit: which classes counts as "caster" classes for the purpose of recieving incinerate as a q reward? templar - witch - shadow I assume?
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dhmGYNY Any questions?

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I cant say where they are going to put the berserking node though.

Hopefully its to the right of the tree, making it easier for rangers and shadow to aquire it, whilst freeing up space so the mara's and temps can head straight for the life from the duelist starting nodes if need be
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There's now a /clear_ignore_list command that will remove all entries from the list of accounts you are ignoring chat messages from. Better management of ignore lists is coming in the future.

I was just in trade chat, when we all got spam bombed for about three pages worth... and i thought, well if i ignore this, i wont know its there later, and if it fills up ...

Good stuff.
GGG - Why you no?
Added four new Unique items, three of which were designed by our Diamond Supporters

could someone please provide information on what are the new uniques and their stats please?
thank you
Chris wrote:
The quest reward for the Kraityn quest on Cruel difficulty has been changed from 4% to 6% increased attack speed.

Will players that chose this see a 2% boost? or are we locked into 4%?

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