0.10.2 Patch Notes

You absolutely have to post pics of reworks to the passive tree. Reading about it I have no clue what effects these changes are going to have. Lately I have been grinding the crap out of my righteous fire marauder and am up to level 57, and I am really worried that the changes to the duelist tree are screwing me. With the old tree getting to that 1% life node took me through 52% armor, 30 strength, and 8% life. I highly doubt the new tree is going to offer the same kind of efficiency. And did I miss something about the total removal of the armor nodes and having their power added to the leather and steel nodes? Sounds like marauder is getting screwed here, but again I could be wrong because for some reason I am reading about changes that should have been presented in visual form.
Bah, nevermind.
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Aw man no preview of new duelist area :( wanted to start planning my build now!
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Awesome patch. Can't wait to talk to Nessa.
As if the snakes in dark forest aren't annoying already with their chaos damage, now they can throw flames?! DAAAAAAAYUM.
The duelist changes seem amazing. Glad I get to dip in and explore on my marauder.
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can we get an updated skill tree planner so we can plan builds before the patch goes live

Yes Please
Looks like my favorite class AND build (dual wielding melee Duelist) is going to be faster and more damaging with this patch!!

Oh MAN I'm freakin excited! I've probably played over 500 hours of Duelist, mostly as Dual Wield using skills like Cleave. I eventually got sick of being gimped and started doing cheese like Lightning Arrow spam and other crap, but now I can go back to doing what I love, and be kicking ass and taking names the whole time.

SO HAPPEH!!!! <3 <3 <3
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Great Patch GGG so Happy. Think Puncture Skill could use a buff seeing know one uses it?

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