[3.5] Updated Hardcore Betrayal Bax_CD's Herald of Agony Ascendant Scion HoA Beginner Friendly

Congrats, that's great progress especially for being new! For Mana, try vivinsect or a watched eye Jewel with life gain on hit. Rare rings can also lower Mana cost but aren't the best solution for us.

Great build! tanky and smooth.

I just have one problem so far - Incursions are a huge problem - I cant seem to kill them quick enough for time

https://pastebin.com/wEHeUv76 build and items.

any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

*edit* I was browsing through the rest of the post and I noticed vile toxins is mainly used for bosses and pierce for map clear?

is that why im ineffective at incursion

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Pierce is definitely needed for clear. Then focus on positioning the crawler with convocation.
im tryin crafting shav.. now on last part fusing.. but my question is dat shav have 3 green 1 red and 2 blue .. i hate chromatic! so.. what reccomend can u for me to 2nd support blue gem for missing red one? pls my english lang is sux ikny :/
You might already have considered this (didnt read all comments) but doesnt Brightbeak make for a great weapon till low life for this build?
Tried the build, love it so far!!!
Ty for sharing!

Have to try the idea with winter-orb and -8 mana cost, sounds nice.


my resault of it :)


i included aspect of the spider :)
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Is this suppose to be a league starter? Bcuz as far as i can tell you cant get shield charge until act 3 library
XenJerec wrote:
Is this suppose to be a league starter? Bcuz as far as i can tell you cant get shield charge until act 3 library
No, I wouldn't consider this good for league starter or SSF.
My version of this build morphed into cyclone because I prefer the Crawler's behavior with cyclone to how it behaves with the other spells in this thread. Here's the info for anyone interested.

This version has zero mana cost for Cyclone, 12 auras, Aspect of the Spider and Frenzy Charges.

Biggest challenges are mana reservation and mana cost of cyclone. Reservation is fixed with many -1 jewel implicits and cyclone is fixed with two rings. Ideal weapon here would be like the claw but a sword base with 12 range, 1.60 base APS and the shaper suffix mod "Socketed movement spells have no mana cost" but I never saw an item like that throughout the league.

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Hi Bax.

I'm still running this on a high-life version because still no shavronne. Obviously I can't pull off all the auras like that, and therefore I had run into a little trouble with some map bosses because I couldn't keep enough ball lighting (while I'm running around/away) to keep up virulence.

I hadn't yet had the "Cast when Damage Taken" setup you had so I don't know what difference that would make.

But I tried something fun yesterday and it seems to help.

I did a level 1 CWDT, with Storm Brand, Poison support, and lesser poison support. It seems to work great. Always have from 37 - 40 stacks of virulence on boss, etc.

Just thought I'd share. Also, thanks for the build, and I look forward to seeing your stream near the end of the week to find out how it might be in Synthesis.

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