[3.5] Elemental Warrior | Armour & Evasion Life | Scales well | All endgame content

Kaban101 wrote:
So I've been playing this semi-modified build and a bit disappointed...my pob only gets to 150k dps...https://pastebin.com/LnCTWgJc

I'm not one shotting things, but at 180-200k DPS im doing fine. Focus on crit, speed (your one sword only has 1.55 APS, want about 2)., and drit damage. If I remember right, for best damage you want 1% crit chance for every 10% crit damage.

Make sure you're getting those 6 charges, then releasing for burst damage, and repeating. With high APS, you should be able to get all 6 stacks in about one second.

I'm sitting at 5500hp, level 89, 180-200k damage, and walking through easily all yellow maps, any mods besides reflect ele, and just working my way through reds, not much problem yet.
I am definitely more online with the build now, tweaked gems and tree a bit, going through maps well...so far T12 corrupted rare cleared pretty good, except syndicate wrecks me sometimes still

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