[3.5] Elemental Warrior | Armour & Evasion Life | Scales well | All endgame content

This build was designed to try the new Blade Flurry skill released with breach league. It is performing very very well. You can use any melee skills you like and the build should work, with slight variation on the skill tree of course. It was also designed to be pure Armour build, but with a lot of testing, and with the new uniques released with breach league I decided to try an hybrid armour/eva build and It is stronger than ever.

This is a Life Based build using Armour AND Evasion
Doing pure elemental damage, using a very high crit chance and crit multiplier.

Insane Clear speed
Lots of variant possible
Great league starter build
Scale very very well with wealth!
Can clear everything with reasonable gear.
Lots of differents defensive mechanics
While mapping it's alch and go.

Can't do ele reflect map



The 4B link in the helmet is only required for guardians and shapers and Uber atziri.


An Ancestral Warchief totem is also a great choice for the MORE melee damage it provides.

Recommended Items:


High AS 1.7+
High Crit Rate 6.5+
Highest eDPS Possible
ONE-HANDED SWORD in both hand


This helmet is so good and underated and it's crazy cheap atm Get it once you r

Mini Lightning coils that boost armour rating by 135%+ yes please.

Body Armour:

The reason we are going an hybrid build. Free Arctic armour + Phase acrobatics. It's just too good.


You can look for more resists, High Attack speed, Accuracy

Belt, Boots.

This is where we get our resists.
also try to get some WED or Armour on the belt it helps a lot.

Rings and Amulet:

This build required a lots of accuracy on gears, try to get 300+ on each rings and on amulet if possible
Also crit multi on amulet is a must. And try to get one good resists on each to help capping.


We want an instant heal flask, A flask that remove bleeding, one that remove freezing and one that remove shock.

How to look for jewels like a pro:


2 Passives points

Major: Lunaris
Minor Yugul
Last bumped on Dec 11, 2018, 5:48:46 PM
Hi men,thanks for the build, i am considering using this build to starting the new league. i have 2 questions : is the damage of this build high ? cuz im not into the tanky builds that spend a lot of time triying to kill a boss . and how about the ascendancy skill points? which one of inquisitor passives did you take for this builds? you didn t include it or am i missing it?? sry if i misunderstood something im a new player
Last edited by Elricky2 on Dec 6, 2018, 3:55:09 PM
Do you use any other skill for map clearing or just BF?
You list insane clear speed as a pro but I did not think BF had that kind of clear potential?
Any melee skill? SO basically other than BF correct? how about wild strike? alsways liked that skill
Also jewels link does not work, can you please update?
so far the clear speed is pretty good.
ascendancy points and jewels are missing, please update this :(

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