3.5 Betrayal CoC Poet's Pen MF Elementalist

Actually we sadly can't play winter orb in the coc setup so we basically can go for anything (gc, ice spear, ice nova, vortex, bladefall, eternal knives or what ever you prefer. it's just a little bonus. arc+inpulsa will clear everything anyways :D
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crushak wrote:
Why would you wanna go CoC with Poets pen? Then you will have to care about accuracy...go either CoC or Poets pens but both combined make no sense.

lmao there is no reason to not go for it :D We have 80% Hitchance with 7 Projectiles so you will always hit with at least 5!
This is the type of build I’ve been looking for. I saw similar builds on the ladder, but no guides. They were generally running power siphon>arc>coc>inc crit strikes>mana leech>faster attacks.
Dude very nice :) Was also thinking of a CoC poet's pen with froze orb. I did however want to try occultist so probs going to do a mix of your build and this: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2190157

with maybe a focus of "added lightning support" and lightning increased nodes to get more damage out of arc and frozen orb. If froze orb doesn't work out, I will put a second arc into my chest

Sounds a bit janky at the moment but going to be fun to try xD
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Can someone pls update the guide? Id like to play this one, seems fun
if winter orb wont work since it's a channel, then what will work for CoC on witch? im interested in trying it
Daemonion wrote:
Can someone pls update the guide? Id like to play this one, seems fun

lmao, he posted this 5 days ago
would like to have update to this build
pls update
is this still viable in 3.5.?

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