Ice Ice Baby..., A build by Glorious_Bigbeard - Perma Freeze that acually works!

Build has been updated. 10 levels to go and then we'll see if the build is everything I promised it would be. I tested the standard version and perma-froze a t13 boss no problem.
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On Standard:

At level 82 I was able to land freezing hits on uber lab boss. Couldn't hold him and the freezes were 3-4 per fight segment. Not to mention that with my low EHP levels I'm leery of getting in close for max damage. Freezing pulse has its own build in version of point blank shot.

At level 82 I was able to perma-freeze a litch in a level 81 map zone but only for 2-4 seconds at a time. I was still satisfied with the fight results as it may have more to do with my diamond flask running out than my damage. On league there are new focus skills, and I've got one that is a rechargeable lucky crits..

Build can perma-freeze Tier 13 map bosses, but has trouble with tier 14. I still have 8 levels till 90 and no helm enchantment. Also some of my skills still need to be leveled/quality.

I foresee difficulties on league getting the same results, however I'm hopeful and there are items available in league that may help. I'm also not using maxed out gear as most of the gear I'm using on standard was just left over league trash.
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Hey guys I'm looking into bonechill support. With bonechill 20/20 I'm getting 160% increased damage... Or rather, chilled enemies take increased damage equal to my chill effect... that would be 160%.

With controlled destruction 20/20 were adding 5k to our base damage, and loosing 100% crit chance.

When I tested to see what 100% increased damage was it came out to almost exactly 4k, therefore (stay with me) am I correct to say that the bone chill would be a change of 6k+ damage and gaining the crit chance back.

Path of builder is little help with this, increase damage taken is like some of the curse effects where pob just will not show the change in damage.

Seems to me that bone chill is better for our build. (or just plain better for cold based builds) than controlled destruction. Can anyone confirm that (160% increase +100% crit chance)is better than (44%more +10 increase spell damage -100% crit).....

I'm only asking because I tend to get excited and make face palm mistakes. Regardless of my mental disposition- I find the topic interesting and feel that its worth discussing.

how would this effect my freezing pulse damage if I placed it on the herald?
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