Ice Ice Baby..., A build by Glorious_Bigbeard - Perma Freeze that acually works!

ATTENTION: I've decided to abandon this build. Not because anything was wrong with it. But rather as the build evolved It became clear that I chose the wrong platform for it. This build on the Elemental witch is a huge increase in damage while loosing only a free level 10 arcane surge. As this build was able to land freezing hits on uber lab boss at level 82 on standard, and level 90 on league I've decided to push it up a notch. I'm going to freeze guardians. Uber lab boss has approx 8 mil hp's while the two smaller guardians have 9.5 mill hp's. I believe with the changes I made to this build will put guardians within my damage range. Is this dooable? I believe so.

As the dev's have stated that disabling bosses with freeze mechanics is lame and worked to remove perma-freeze from late game play. I Glorious Bigbeard Have challenged myself to beat the dev's, resurect perma-freeze meta and shatter a guardian. Thus likely causing a future cold nurf and infamy within the poe community. Mu Ha Ha.....I will at some point place a link to the elemental witch build and include video's.

Wish me luck!
and please buy mtx and supporter packs to support such an awesome game!

This build uses both Winters Orb and Freezing pulse in combination with cast while channeling in a (Shrap Daddy)---> Sire of Shards staff. By using these skills together with the indigon helm we can greatly increase the damage of our freezing pulse. The result is a supper fast clear/movement speed build with both the largest aoe in the game, and some very serious freeze capabilities, even upper tier red maps. Once your damage reaches its apex, Just run past trash mobs and let your winter orb SMASH them on into a billion pieces.

Buy your MTX and Supporter Packs. Help GGG to provide us with a fantastic game.
Pre-league build concept video
This is a quick and dirty look at what I will be using for the league starter. Hope you enjoy. All my video's will be updated after Christmas.

Pro's & Con's

+ Fast Movement speed for mapping and farming
+ Damage can scale up to a millions dps
+ Attack trash on the run

- This build is a glass cannon with a low total EHP
- Indigon helm is nerfed in League
- This build is not intended for shapper/guardian grinding. It may however be possible.

Standard vs Betrayal
Indigon was nurfed hard in Betrayal. Here is a comparison of the two items. I worked hard to find additional damage sources and I believe the new build version will Perafreeze all map bosses. The belt is Suggested in the Betrayal league as its is awesome with up to 40% increased damage to chilled enemies.

Also Bone chill adds a ton of damage that dosn't show in PoB as it effects damage taken not damage delt.


Item upgrades:

Skill Chains

Skill Tree Lvl 85 and PoB link

Aleria for her crit chance, mana regen and resistances. After you find adequate resist gear you may wish to change this for passives. I do not suggest it as the crit chance is still important.

Suggest flasks

Life and mana flasks. Remember you get instant 10% life when you use your mana flask. I also suggest a very long duration flask with 20% run speed. You can find them up to 11 second and that is very usefull for keeping your run speed up at all times.
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I intend to edit this area with updates as the build evolves.

So winter's orb has been added to the game and I've done some work with it on standard.

Whats happening here is that were using its cast speed 6-9 cast per second to activate the indigon helm. This in it self is no good so were using the +50 mana cost increase from our gloves to speed up the indigons effects.

Were seeing double or more base damage from this skill item interactions but in betrayal were struggling with its benifits as indigon was nurfed. The winters orb is also effective in chilling enemies (if nothing else) and that also increases the Freezing pulse damage by a bunch.

The build is not going to win any dps awards but were gaining a very large hit from a single source of cold damage. This is effective in freezing map bosses with large amounts of life (5 million hp without indigons benifits). In testing on red maps- permanently freezing them till they die.

I encourage you to keep an eye on this build and check out builds on my youtube site from the previous leagues.

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I'll Be live streaming for the rest of the day check it out as I begin to recreate this fantastic build in the new league

Disclaimer* this is an earlier version of the build and it has been improved a lot.
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Not feeling real good right now is it having put all that effort in for that skill is it
I agree winter orb is a bit disappointing, I expected it to be a decent source of damage on its own but its not. aside from that-

The skill is still better than using lightning tendrils to power up the freezing pulse. Now that its been added to path of builder I see I'm getting up to 9 cast per second. That's 112% increased damage from indigon in the first second.

I'll stick with the build as its fun to play and clears maps quickly with run speeds up over 100%

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Currently level 49, I won't be going low life till after I get the Indigon helm. Herald of purity is far more useful than herald of ice. Herald of ice damage is not added to our freezing pulse damage so it does little to benefit our ability to freeze bigger targets. Herald of purity, however adds summoned spirits that distract the bosses leaving us with more time to dps rather than to tank or run away.

I will likely not use fertile mind, choosing instead to reserving the HOP off my mana while Blood magic for the Discipline forcing the build into low life. And that's only after we get the wrappings.

Thanks for checking out the progress of the build.

We still have 2 unused sockets on our shav wrappings. We can go straight HOP and reduce the mana reservation with a support. We realy don't want to reserve our mana as its part of the damage scaling with Indigon.

12/17 overhaul of the build- much of what I said here no longer applies to the build.
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The Build is now level 66 and the price on Indigon has come down to 14c. So far this league I've spent 2c on the build and of course lots of mod currency for sockets and such.

After the Indigon we will need our gloves to add 50 to the casting cost of our winter orb. This will allow us to scale the damage much faster and reach higher level.

Eventually we will reach 9 cast per second and be able to double or more the damage of our freezing pulse. I'll need to do some testing to determine which amulet I want for end game. The fallacy has 240 crit multiplier which is fantastic four our build, but the warped time piece has 30% increased leech and cast speed. If I lower my cast speed and can't leach effectively I won't be able to reach triple base damage. It's too soon to tell which one is better for the build.

I'm currently at 480% crit multiplier and still have 149% more to add to the build.

* 12/17 over hauled the build. Went with
as the effects of the aura were more damage than crit multiplier.

Also I ended up using herald of ice after all as the herald of purity was reflecting to much physical damage at higher levels. I miss my ghosty friends but they were a pain.
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I really, really want to try this build. Looks fun.

I'm currently broke as hell, so I'll come back in a few weeks when I've amassed some currency (and hopefully prices drop a bit) and see if I can work this build out.

Also, your stream is blocked in my country?? WTF Youtube...
~ Seph
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Just discovered Indigon was nerfed in betrayal league from 60% increased spell damage all the way down to 25% max.

That is kinda huge hit toward this build.

Not sure what I'm going to do about it yet.

-------After stressing over this all day at work I think I have a solution that will work in the betrayal league and make standard players damage very happy.

I would like to state once more that this is not a DPS build, but rather focuses on getting a single hit from one source of cold as big as possible to freeze or permafreeze targets such as uber Izzy and hight tier bosses.

*Build overhaul 12/17 changes to the guild guide are in.
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Working on the Video build guide now. There were a lot of changes from the work I prepared from standard.

1 ditched low life and energy shield. Went with evasion/shield hybrid

2 several equipment changes such as the hyperboreus belt from the new league. with up to 70% increase damage vs chilled and several focus related buffs.

3 over haul of the skill tree. It was necessary since the hard nurf to indigon
in the betrayal league. The changes will make standard players with the old indigon happy as it will have a much higher cold hit, with a cast rate of 7-8 cast/second. Part of the change was maxing out the freeze duration and raising the resistance pierce to over 70.

Keep an eye out for the changers I'll post them soon.
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