Allow activation of heralds and auras in the 'skills' tab of the menu

Activating skills from the Skills Tab is a great idea!
yes please ive tried to play support for 2 seasons now and having to put all 15 - 20 auras is the worst 2 minutes of my PoE life
Dying in the Azurite mines with a Blade vortex elementalist that is using 4 heralds and having to bind them 1 by 1 to reactive them...

My life is a living hell =(
+1 to activation of skills in menu!

no it won't be better than what pc has.. they still have a mouse(free cursor) which is a lot faster than a controller in every way possible, even able to change skills during shaper fight.

tiny's trial is a good example too for controller-mouse difference.
it's already nearly impossible to do, cold hands just make it impossible.

-1 to hold button for radial menu!

good luck trying to change skills in a radial menu when fighting shaper or uber elder (example of what pc is able to do and xbox not)

and especially, unintentionally bringing up the radial menu when you're using a skill that requires you to hold down the button. A BIG NOPE!
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I agree with OP, I'm playing a witch necromancer, and i take too much time doing all my summons plus whenever I die the auras, is alot of trouble, because I have to map everything to be able to use the skills. It would be much simpler job being able to cast them with one button in the skills menu. Please make it happen GGG.
This is a great suggestion and it's worth consideration from GGG.
like i said in a other thread so +1
TeeJaY ChArMs wrote:
This is a great suggestion and it's worth consideration from GGG.

But who is GGG ? Did they really exist or better, did they have already answer in a topic of this section ?

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