Allow activation of heralds and auras in the 'skills' tab of the menu

Activating skills from the Skills Tab is a great idea!
No Uniques! Slow Mo Zombies! -
No Uniques! Righteous Fire/BV! -

yes please ive tried to play support for 2 seasons now and having to put all 15 - 20 auras is the worst 2 minutes of my PoE life
Dying in the Azurite mines with a Blade vortex elementalist that is using 4 heralds and having to bind them 1 by 1 to reactive them...

My life is a living hell =(
+1 to activation of skills in menu!

no it won't be better than what pc has.. they still have a mouse(free cursor) which is a lot faster than a controller in every way possible, even able to change skills during shaper fight.

tiny's trial is a good example too for controller-mouse difference.
it's already nearly impossible to do, cold hands just make it impossible.

-1 to hold button for radial menu!

good luck trying to change skills in a radial menu when fighting shaper or uber elder (example of what pc is able to do and xbox not)

and especially, unintentionally bringing up the radial menu when you're using a skill that requires you to hold down the button. A BIG NOPE!
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