In our announcement for Path of Exile: Betrayal we revealed new Veiled Modifiers that can be found on items dropped by members of the Immortal Syndicate and unveiled by visiting Jun Ortoi.

Items with Veiled Mods have a randomly rolled list of Prefixes or Suffixes. Each item has three randomly chosen modifiers for you to pick between, letting you customise the item. All Veiled mods will be craftable at your crafting bench once they're unveiled. There are over 100 different modifiers to discover. Here are some examples below!

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Looks sweet!
22 days...
Going to be long... :D
That bow...i mean, you wouldn't want mobs nearby, i hope the range is huge on that effect...
The way that is worded, it sounds like all 3 of the choosable mods will be available to craft after you unveil the item. Is this the case or do you only get the one you choose?

Also first page hype!
We can't choose our destiny, just the route we take.
Veiled modifiers are just another way to let us know that essence crafting is yet again useless.

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