Theoretic build idea.. Need input!

well, i hope for you :)
to me its just theory, never tried it out...

maybe you want to keep us informed here how this works out in the next days?
(or the next weeks until next league)
Rhetorik ist die Kunst der Dampflok das Wasser aus den Segeln zu nehmen.
(Nein, da fehlt kein Komma. Kannst es in 2 Richtungen lesen und ist so gewollt.)
It is definetly for next league... But i will update as i progress :)

[dbLinkedItem id="12616056312"][dbLinkedItem id="12616056313"][dbLinkedItem id="12616056315"][dbLinkedItem id="12616056317"][dbLinkedItem id="12616056318"][dbLinkedItem id="12616056321"][dbLinkedItem id="12616056323"][dbLinkedItem id="12616056324"][dbLinkedItem id="12616056326"][dbLinkedItem id="12616056327"]

So this is the gear i ended out with.. Don't have much life (3300), but decent life leech, and my defencenses are okay too: Fire 109%, Cold 140% and Lightning 121%.
My damage is REALLY rubbish (19k with flasks!), so double strike and cleave might be okay, but I need to have intimate knowledge of the skilltree, to be able to make a good build!

I get why builds can become an obsession though :D

So now I need to try with ignite, and see what kind of build with added elemental damage can do.

[dbLinkedItem id="12616056329"]

I did some theorycrafting on a similar build a while ago, but the numbers didn't seem too promising.

Here some input:

- consider taking "Blood in the Eyes" --> "Gratuitous Violence" instead of "Versatile Combatant" for more clearspeed. The Bloodssplosion really helps

- support your totem with Maim, Bleed and Blind

- support your Double Strike with Bloodlust instead of conc (conc does nothing, cause DS is no AoE-skill) and ditch Faster Attacks for Multistrike. also consider taking Damage on full life instead of Maim and if you choose to use "Gratuitous Violence" ditch Splash for Brutality (if your using Haste+Herald of Purity or Elemental Damage with Attacks if using Anger/Hatred+Herald of Ash)

- Use Vaal Double Strike instead of a normal one. Really helps on ST-Damage

- ditch your cleave setup and use counteratacks with bleed/melee phys/inc AoE support to get of more bleedsplosions while mapping (4-link Reckoning and Vengeance on helmet and boots) --> automated clear

- shield charge may be faster than whirling blades

- you have plenty of evasion. Consider taking Iron Reflexes passive to utilize it. Evasion = less blocks, you don't want that.

- instead of a "Wall of Brambles" you may want a "Belly of the Beast" or "Loreweave" to fix your stats. The Melee Phys Damage reflect ist not that great, because it does nothing against ranged/spells

- consider using a Shaper ring with the affix "Curse Warlords Mark on hit" for even more leech, damage and Endurance Charg generation

- consider redoing your skill tree a bit like this:

I can play around a bit later when I'm home and give you some PoB-pastebin if you like. There is surely more optimization to do.

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Thanks a lot Arandur. I am going to try it all out later today! Hope I/WE can come up with a viable build :)

Hi RedBeat!

I did some "PoBing" and optimized the idea a bit.

That's the pastebin, if you want to load it into PoB yourself.

Surprisingly Ichimonji yields good results on a build like that (the 10% inc Buff effect is really nice and the attack speed is dope!).

To summarize: ~600k Shaper-DPS on Double Strike alone. In addition to that, you have Vaal DS, ~13k Riposts and ~8k Damage Reckonings + 45k DPS-Totem + damage-reflect, over 6k Life, maxed Resist, 74% phys reduction and 77% block. All that for less than an Ex budget^^

I don't know, how it plays out practically, but in theory, the build should do fine for nearly everything.

You can push allmost every stat, I used totally medicore items (stuff with like 30 res and 60 life, rings with only 3 affix and so on).

I may level this myself, made me curios^^

If you want to check it out and report back, feel free to share!


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Great Arandur.. And thanks!!

I have allready started making changes, and have decided to go all the way after i tested the build out on act 10.. I just stood there, and let them pound me, and they died like flies, without me hitting back once...
The belly of the beast is equipped, just as I have followed every gem advice you have given, and I am going to try out the whole build as you have made it..!

Feedback incomming ;)

So, apparently I had a level 80 Gladiator sitting on Standard from an old league, so I respecced him, bought the gear and gave it a shot.

Short addition to the build:

- The Aziri flask is nonsense when using Brutality. I switched it for a Rumi's

- For clearing, I switched Bloodlust on DS for Melee Splash. The clear doesn't feel good without the splash.

Other than that, I'm suprised. My gems are not properly leveled/quality but nontheless the build feels allright.
I will test some stuff on the weekend and see how it turns out.
He he.. I also just tested, with low level gems and all..

And just to see where it was at, I threw the build into a Tier 10 map (Wasteland)

Check it out:

So still some tweaking to do, but it is definetly easy to stay alive!

..So a few tweaks. I exchanged my Ichimonji for this:
[dbLinkedItem id="12618028165"]
And now I am contemplating to change Belly of the beast for this:
[dbLinkedItem id="12618028166"]
..that way I should get more out of Vengeance and Reckoning, and even more evasion changed into block..

I also changed bloodlust for maim again, to get more flat damage, but I am not completely sold on it yet..!


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