Ice Spear Rework

cool, but some skills need a nerf for it to be viable.
among other cold spell improvements

So, any improvements for Ice crash?
GGG need Vulkan and need to make Berserker great again!
Does this mean that multiple projectiles fired by one cast of Ice Spear (with GMP and such) can hit the same enemy more than once? Similar to Barrage?
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Help! I think I've lost my memory!
Mokihiki wrote:
Will Frost Sentinels get this rework as well?

This is rather important. Older monsters didn't get their skills changed after a rework. For example: still uses the old GC. While this mob by itself is rather squishy, it at least doesn't use a projectile and may become an alternative to all the projectile mobs if buffed.
Been waiting for this for years. Time to resurrect my old ice spear character in 3.5.
Thanks GGG!
In the current meta it looks like it kills a pack way slower than normal, but maybe Chain can help with that. It would be amazing if the skill had at least +1 chain incorporated in it
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Nephalim wrote:
Beautifully designed rework of a very oldschool kill.

PoE desperately needs more contenders for end game skills and cold skills have been in the dumpster for a long time.

What are you talking about? Cold skills and cold dmg overall has been on top of the meta for a while now... But ofcourse, some skills were left out, like this one.
Kick names & take ass!
Baller. I always wanted to like Ice Spear, i've kind of had a soft spot for it, but it just wasn't worth the squeeze.
Rework looks great.
Waiting for the numbers but it look promising.
Thank you for reviving this one ! Waited few years :)
Off till next league - Trading killed me again

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