The upcoming 3.5.0 update will feature a reworked Ice Spear, among other cold spell improvements. Our goal was to give Ice Spear a role as the stand-out cold spell for taking out single enemies with a powerful burst of critical hits.

We've changed how it interacts with additional projectiles; now additional projectiles are fired in sequence, rather than all at once, inspired by Merveil's Ice Spear Barrage. This means that additional projectiles significantly increase the damage output, without implicitly increasing the projectile spread. You can control the spread of the projectiles by aiming closer or further away. The skill implicitly has an additional projectile.

The skill still arms after travelling a short distance, but instead of piercing before it arms, it now pierces after arming. It now has bonus critical strike multiplier while armed as well, further enhancing its damage, and the projectiles move much faster once armed, delivering their powerful punch rapidly.

We've also revamped the visual effects, which you can see here:

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