Spider Back Attachment

No dead canaries in the spider's net???

Sorry but it's stupid. 13 (?) legs WTF ?
Last edited by michalkoz on Oct 16, 2018, 5:53:39 AM
Nice try, but that is not a severed hand pet.

What it is, is stupid.
"People ask me why I do this at my age. People are rude."
Reaction of viewers is as hilarious as MTX itself.:thumbs up:
Can't bring myself to view it as something else but broken coat racks, that gather all kind of ...stuff... while you run through forest. xD
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we need some bow mtx
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Can i take Brutus Arms and Legs as back attachment?
Or maybe eyeballs of Piety ?
Last edited by red_skotina on Oct 16, 2018, 9:48:35 AM
This one really has a creepy style, perfect for an Halloween mood
Not my cup of tea, but I like the love for details and its consistency.
Definity worth buying for some extra creepiness. Well done!
Let's explore new playstyles - Play it your own way, not just like the others.
Quality management is one of the most underrated success factors in every business...
spiders have 8 legs

Tchernobyl spiders have 11 legs, so I let you imagine how many legs Wraeclast ones have... ;)

Really, really nice MTX btw. Perfect for Halloween !
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