Spider Back Attachment

Beautiful, best thing you've done since spider map mod through Zana (please bring back).

Looks nice with the Fenumus armour, maybe a spider mask next to cover up the players face while using the set?
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New Zealand spider affected by 'more' legs multiplier
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Wow this is digusting. :O
THANKS GGG I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
These MTXs just keep on getting Increased and More retarded...

Path of Mental Asylum Clown Freaks.
Good MTX.
I wish I had previous limited wizard hat tho.
People suffering from arachnophobia will be especially happy to see players with this attachment :)
I prefer to die than having a giant spider in my back ...
Way too many legs.
I love spiders but this... nah. Idea is cool, deffo! Ping me when you got a real spider.
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