What We're Working On

Looks like 7+ weeks of not playing PoE.
Sounds buggy.
Improve your game.
Reduce Load times.
Fix Beyond.
Fix Automation Herald crashes.
Oh, and shrink the skill tree by 20%.
I hope Delve is not here to stay..
Thanks for the info about no Flashback this time, I appreciate it.

Excited about that small thing you're working on!
My hideouts: 2257515 2325653

Forum moderation is pathetic.

There's nothing I regret more [PoE-wise] than starting to read this forum because of Charan's posts. I'm extremely happy he left, because that made me leave too; I wish him well IRL and to never come back here.
Im confused. Are they talking about new Expansion as Expansion or refer to next League? I see offen those two terms together in the same line.
Player retention during Delve has been excellent

What are talking about?!

The void delve league with infinity sulfite this is a great idea, why not?!
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Any news about the ssf migrate all bug fixes? I migrate one char to delve std and don't want to progress through the atlas and mine again :/
larger than delve o_O
Thank you for clarifying that there is no Flashback.
Time to start another Character :o

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