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Skipping quality control so much that the league is still buggy at the point they officially say they are over it and on to the next works for that.

Maybe one day they'll actually have a league finished before its nerfed to 10% content and a side note in the "core" game.

I think you fail at reading comprehension. They've stated they're done with MAJOR changes, not bug fixing. Kindly read slowly next time before posting. Secondly find me one major game that rolls out bug fixes for (sometimes)major content addition within short periods like they do.
Shoxx_98 wrote:
is this gonna contain the trading enhancements chris told us about in 2014?
I know, right? I've been sitting on my wallet for four years here...
LMTR14 wrote:
Sectiplave wrote:
JoeShmo wrote:
Stop calling them expansions, they're not.

They add new items, skills, enemies and areas. They fall under the accepted definition of an expansion in the context of computer games.

I'm kinda sad there is no flashback, I think this highlights the opportunity for some more action on the racing front.

ggg has their own meaning of the term expansion. used to mean map pack, now it means new temp league. don't drag logic into it

Yeah let's not drag logic into this as it clearly isn't your strong suit, based on your string of emotive posts.

codetaku wrote:
All three of you are wrong....

Arguing semantics is often an futile exercise. Even if the content added by a league isn't permanent it's still classified as an expansion for a computer game, nothing specifies the content must be permanent.

To be fair the accepted definition of a video game expansion is VERY wide reaching and vague.

In context of how specifically GGG labels their releases, your explanation is the best I agree.
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no flaskback?..aww there goes my hideout decoration..feelsbadman..luckily got ms2 to play before december
This time around we won't be running a Flashback (or similar) event for the last month of the league. Player retention during Delve has been excellent, and due to the infinite nature of the mine, we'd like players to be able to continue their progress in the existing league without having to weigh up whether or not they'd prefer to swap to an alternate event in parallel.


This leagues Challenges are too hard for the usual timeline. Investing in the mine to access some of the challenges requires azurite and sulphite in addition to RNG and some doubling back due to dead ends... and getting the sulphite in the first place requires the usual end-game mapping.

Sharing the mine and its upgrades between all characters for an account was a great move. Actually, it was surprising to me that it wasn't originally launched as such.

Anyhow, I dislike balancing the game towards end-game speed farmers who can game 8 hours a day most days of the week. Yes, I think the game needs to stay challenging and rewarding and certainly retain the top tier players, but I feel like this league's challenges require more than the usual end-game only areas... but that is also the league, I suppose.

So the decision to not run flashback is a good one, I think.
I basically decided to start skipping the leagues about a month ago based on my experiences with the past 3-4 leagues (unless I get really tempted like I was with Delve) and only run the Flashbacks because they are so much better and (debugged, fleshed out - whatever you want to call it). This is really bad news.
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hope KB will come back in next league. love this game
Can't wait to see the new Supporter Packs !

☠ † Le Toucan has arrived † ☠
In game Auction House or in game poe.trade ????
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FOR FUCKS SAKE, the last two leagues i played the stupid leagues and was too burned out to play flashback, and now that I waited for a flashback league to play there is no flashback....

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