We are halfway through Path of Exile: Delve and so we wanted to give you an update on what to expect for the remaining weeks before we launch our next expansion!

Last week we deployed Patch 3.4.3e which contained a few bug fixes and some minor improvements to Delve. We are likely to have small bug fix patches in future but most of our intended significant changes to the league have now been deployed.

The development team is currently focusing on Content Update 3.5.0 which we expect to launch on the first week of December. This means we'll be announcing the full details of what to expect from this expansion three weeks prior, around November 9th. It's slightly larger in size than Bestiary, Incursion or Delve.

This time around we won't be running a Flashback (or similar) event for the last month of the league. Player retention during Delve has been excellent, and due to the infinite nature of the mine, we'd like players to be able to continue their progress in the existing league without having to weigh up whether or not they'd prefer to swap to an alternate event in parallel.

Having said that, we are working on something small that is separate to existing/future leagues and we may be able to talk about it soon.
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Can't wait to hear about the new expansion!

Thanks for the heads-up. :)
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I'm not 'Sarno' on Discord. I don't know who that is.
No flashback. Yeah!!!!
Sounds good to me ^^
Nice to see an update. :-)
Something bigger than beastiary....
than Incursion....
than infinite Delve mine.....

i knew stacking up on fishing rods was not a waste
Is that banner a hint? Path of Exile: Farmville confirmed.
3.5 will be leviathan league or depth league. Calling it now.
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