[3.4] Firestorm Leech Tank - DirtyDot's updated build

Shaper is dead!

That was my 2nd attempt (EVER) to kill the Shaper, so i believe this build is working fine and beginner friendly. I could even survive Shaper's Teleport Slam attack when i stucked there. Maybe if you choose Scion instead of Witch, like DirtyDot recommended, then it is more easier, because of the huge HP regen. And Ailment Immunity is also a good stuff at some cases (like Atziri, Elder guardian..).
How does u manage to use (flamability,Enffeble, Artic Armour and Clarity) can u show me a printscreen of how your mana is ?

Don't level up Clarity, you just need it for the extra Damage bonus and extra Resistances from the Commander of Darkness passive (and for some extra mana regen in cases).
And Flammability is free if you have the Impresence amulet.

For leveling:
Use Warlord's Mark skill, instead of Arctic Armour til you get the ring with Warlord's Mark on hit.
And don't use Flammability before the Impresence amulet (it's enough around red maps).
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Got it i levelup my clarity uhnnn i'll have to get another I'm currently only using Flamability and Artic Armour (enfeeble and clarity are just shining in the crap gear i'm using while leveling up)

I got a tabula rasa. And i wasn't full aware of how i was supposed to progress with the items I think i'm doing fine as my second char ( but first trying to understand).

I'm using a wand i got at the begin of the game yet that gives me 50% spell damage and 5% of fire damage so i'm not sure if i should change it maybe just try to recolor it to fit the gems u're using.

i was thinking in just trying to upgrade it more with other orbs etc...
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Before level 60, Tabula Rasa is the only Gear piece what you can use, but you son't even need anything else before that point.
On level 68, you can buy the Rathpith Globe (Shield), this is a keystone in this build, because of the Extra chance to Block Spell Damage. Before Rathpith Globe, you can use any shield with as much Spell Damage, Cast Speed, Resistance and/or + Life on it.

2nd thing what you need to keep in mind is your curse Limit and your curses. Your curse limit is only 1 at the beginning. Around level ~20 you can raise your limit to 2 by reaching Whispers of Doom notable passive on your atlas. And finally you can raise up your curse limit to 3 on level 60 by the Windscream, or Windshriek boots.
So i suggest to use Warlord's mark and Enfeeble at the beginning, both can be used after level 24, so may you have the Whispers of Doom node already. And use Flammability after you get your Boots and your Impresence Amulet (watch for the mod, you need that Impresence what gives you the 100% less mana reservation for Flammability). Also you can use Flammability before you have Impresence, but instead of any other aura then.

3rd thing: After you complete your first Lab, you can get the Commander of Darkness passive on Ascendary tab. It gives you 20% Elemental resistances, Cast speed and Elemental Damage. This is that point when you need the clarity, a Level 1 Clarity reservs almost 0 mana, and gives you a tiny mana regeneration.
After your 2nd Lab, you can get the Mistress of Sacrifice Notable, what the other kestone in this build. That gives you the ability tg get all benefits from your offering skills, so this is that point when you can use your Bone Offering. This gives you 2 important things. 1: Extra chance to Block Attack and Spell Damage (up to +17% each), and recover your life instantly when you block.

About gear: You can use any Amulet and rings, and try to use armour based Helm, Boots and Gloves. Focus on to keep your resistances close to 75% and get as much +# to Maximum Life as you can. For Wand, or Scepre you can focus on as much as Spell damage, Fire Damage, Elemental Damage as you can get, also Cast Speed and Added Fire Damage to Spells can be very handy. Also Mace can be a better choice for later, because Shield Charge not working with Wands, and in cases can be very useful. Like i farming Sulphite atm, and way faster on this way.

Some options for main hand:

Just a random Wand from the Market:

Cerberus Limbs (But you need a Shield with +30% Block Chance to get the Life Leech benefits, maybe a Corrupted Rathpith.. but still around 120% Spell damage, and 20% extra Cast Speed):
Ok what's the level of your gem's on yhe Head Gear and the Boots Gear.
Both it's Maxed ?
Because i need to know which level my gems need to be.
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Suggested levels are in brackest after the skills, like:

Blood Rage(1) - Desecrate(1) - CWDT(1) - Immortal Call(1)


Clarity L1-L4 (means Level 1 - Level 4)

Level 1 enough but on Level 4 you get a bit more mana regeneration and still low reservation.
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I forgot that part of the Post when i was rushing at the time i asked sorry my bad. Thnks for the help men. cool build, u are using what to move faster ? (and do u use it on the 2 buid (2 choice of weapons/shields).
I have 2 options to move faster:

1, Quicksilver flask with extra movement speed mod.


2, You can use Shield charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify instead of Vaal Skeletons - Minion Speed Support - Minion Damge Support
in this case you lose some damage, because of the minins. Or you can use both of your bars, i mean 1st and 2nd Weapon bars, and you can slot Shield Charge on 1, and Vaal Skeletons on the other, but you should slot your Auras then on both to not lose them on swap.
Great using quicksilver flask as u told , way better some times i hope i still had flame dash so i could exit trouble situations but i can handle it.
I just hit upon other quick doubt if u could answer (around lvl 47) i bought because i thought it looked badass a helm on trade really cheap (Kitava's Thirst Zealot Helmet)[30% chance of casting socketed skills if u spend more then 100 mana on a skill] do u think it's a good idea to use it while i don't get the helm u recommend ? Con: Cast when damage taken doesn't work.

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