[3.4] Firestorm Leech Tank - DirtyDot's updated build

You can use Kitava's Thirst until you can get the Hrimnor's Resolve. But there is no + to Maximum Life on Kitava's Thirst, and there is a -15% cast speed. But later the Freeze and Chill immunity will be way better.
Love the build, really tanky nice regen, but need more damage i guess :)
Well yes, it's not the highest DPS build. Hard to tell how much is the average DPS on it..

- PoB says I have 29000 damage / hit at the moment (buffed, and i already have a body armor with +2 level to socketed AOE gems, and also my Firestorm is 21/23).
- I have 4.5 cast speed in combat.

I don't know a proper damage calculator for Firestorm, so let's see.
- One impact every 0.1 seconds / Firestorm casted (it's 10 / sec).
- Firestorm lasts for 2 second (w/o extra duration clusters). You can go up to 3.5 second with a good Helm Enchant (30%) and nodes on atlas (45%).

So w/o extra clusters, you can cast 9 Firestorm before the 1st one ending, so you can stack up 9.
With extra clusters you can stack up 3.5 * 4.5 ~ 15 Firestorms.

In first case it's 9 * 10 (10 Impact / second) * 29000 ~= 2,600,000 DPS
In 2nd case it's 15 * 10 * 29000 which is around 4,350,000 DPS

And using Concentrated Effect, but still don't know, what percentage of Impacts hits the Enemy. A Boss with a larger Hitbox should get all impacts because of the Impacts are also AOEs.

And Vaal summon skeleton could be Extra damage.

So yes, it's not a 10+ million DPS build, but still should be enough for most of the contents.
Kitava's helm is great in using molten shell instead of Cast when damage taken, it deprvies me a bit of the cast time but while i don't get the better gears up the item is awesome, using the other item. And i'm using Doedre's Tenure Velvet Gloves too to increase the spell damage.
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Life leech come from Warlord's Mark (this is why Warlord's Mark on hit ring is so important, and if you don't have, you should use Warlord's Mark as an aura curse) and Doryani's Catalist. Also Bone offering heals you on every block.
Still viable on 3.5 patch?
I don't have too much time to play. I still on low level (~50), but should work.
DirtyDot wrote:
Good job resurrecting the build. Have you considered using scion instead? Scion's necro ascendancy has everything this build needs.

Here's how I would do it: https://pastebin.com/ssyhGtxq (using your character's gear and level)

* 7k life, 600 life regen (1k on consecrated ground)
* Dps on paper is roughly the same, but an extra duration cluster will make a lot of difference in terms of real dps
* I don't feel like unwavering stance is important anymore, so scrapped it
* Replaced arctic armour with vitality to utilise watcher's jewel - either life on hit or life recovery will be awesome.
* Inquisitor ascendancy makes facetanking easier - perma consecrated ground and ailment immunity

You still absolutely need to add Fortify to the build, 20% less damage from hits is massive.

Trying to make this work. Going well so far.
Still missing a bit for hard content (Shaper, red elder). Some pieces are very expensive:
-Gloves ~7 ex at the moment
-Blue nightmare is about 5 ex
-Belly with fitting sockets: 2-3 ex, depending on luck (got 5 blue sockets, but still missing 6 socket recipe for the last part and need to fuse after)
-Thought about using loreweave instead for the max resistance (~2ex without 6 link)
-Not sure about Amu suggested here, I think old xoph's is still great
-Not a huge fan of 3 curses against bosses, since they all have 80% reduced curse effects, I think here xoph's, and arctic armor is better.
-Very good ring for MF: Thief's Torment
(it has life on hit) combined with bisco collar. Since you need quite a bit of currency to make this build endgame viable
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Yea, it was way cheaper in 3.4.
- Gloves was around 40 chaos. (I believe this will be cheaper later)
- Blue Nightmare was around 1 ex (This isn't a treasure item anymore, at least not in this League).
- And you can try Shadowstitch instead of Belly. At least the "+2 to Level of Socketed AoE Gems" mods are the most common on them. Not that hard to color it, since it has Energy shield, but you need to watch for the "-X% to all Resistances for each Corrupted Item Equipped" part.

Is the Thief's Torment's "+(40-60) Life gained for each Enemy hit by your Attacks" works with Spells?!

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