The Dragon Portal Effect

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The extra effort for the Chinese audience is noticeable.

Sorry for the salt, could not halt it back.

btw, when the Asian/Chinese themed league? Lots of "ancient" material you could use I guess.

If this is what Tencent targeting the Chinese market looks like then bring it on!
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Dragon ball?! Anyone?
GGG need Vulkan!
Nice nice
いでよ, 神ウイルソン! 叶かなえる願ねがいは誰だれのもの? たしかに腾讯控股有限公司!

wwwwwwwwwwwww orz

Conversations can be tiring and they can be unrewarding. I do not tolerate conversations that are both.
Portal effect nice! but dragon style.. eh (
One of the few times I'm like fine instantly take my money.

Usually i try and sleep on things and then go yeah i can live without.

Not this time. lol
wow that is gorgeous. oh well i have my portal effect forever and always with delve. will never get another portal effect again.

should have it tonight if i get a few hours
not bad

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