The Dragon Portal Effect

guess i have to spend money again xd
rather give us info about Flashback league
Cool portal
this is great.
Not sure if I'll buy it since it doesn't really fit any of my character's looks, but holy crap, this looks awesome. Good job!
Holy Dragons!

That's what i call a portal!

#InstantBuy #TakeMyMoney
oi you cheeky wankers stop making me spend money xD very nice
Chris on a bike, hold the phone, this is awesome.
Getting this once December packs drop.
█ OBSESSIVE SNACKING ■♤■♤■♤■♤■♤■♤■♤ GrayNightz ■♤■♤■♤■♤■♤■♤■♤■ GIT GUD BOIS! █
Wow, a gate that actually looks nice for once.

Overpriced, as always, but nice.

What's next, a portal pet that follows you around and pounces when you reach a sliver of life?
Ok, I'm rarely that impressed especially by a portal effect. But this is just too good. The summoning animation of the portal, the disappearing dragons flying away, hell even the sound. Well done. Compliments to the designers.

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