Streamer Interview - slipperyjim8

Love from the Guppy Kingdom with Sefearion to one of our own

farmed a week bc - no doctor - stopped mf
Exile009 wrote:
tonic317 wrote:
What disease are you diagnosed with that lets you run 10,000 of something?

Passion. Sadly, it's not contagious. :/

perfect reply
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Gucci Hobo Challenge

yes please!
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Who doesnt love Jim? The guy is a trip. An "insanity pepper" trip. But for sure, one worth the ride. Keep it crazy, homie.

You achieved to make me chuckle, congrats.
keep up the great work JIM!!!!!!!!!!!
One More Day...
Great read, Keep up the great work Jim8!
He makes good video...

but his audio is always quiet to the point of whispers (hint, Jim, we can turn our audio down to silence... we *can't* turn it up past your low, low recording input!) and he speaks a thousand miles a minute.

The talk speed we can get used to. The audio problems, however, we cannot.
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Love the tism!
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