Streamer Interview - slipperyjim8

But i don't have a lot of time to play so rarity is better ... : P
Nice interview; now go back to farming random stuff so the rest of us dont have to : )

Also; can we get a demi interview? He is doing crafting at the lvl you advertise crafting on. He actually has the currency to do the nice crafts as one of the 1%. An interview with him could take some of the frustration away that the more focal people on the forums are uttering i think.
One of the best!!!
Jim ist the funniest Streamer ever! Love to watch his clips.
good on ya, mate!
Love your vids, don't know about your stream :-DDD
another useless article
This freaky guy has mangos in his yard <3 <3 <3
Jim is unique for sure. Drops at burials. xD
Dragon's Breath Elementalist view-thread/2318921
We are living in RNG world. The more we do, the more chances for luck to find us we make. Or it is just an illusion, and the dices were rolled long ago...
60x7 wrote:
Fom_cat wrote:
Cutedog interview when?

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Only started watching PoE streamers within the past few months, I was unfortunate enough to stay too long in his stream not knowing who he was.

Slippery is awesome though, based purely on how obsessively he farms. His disjointed fast paced talking style is also a nice charm of his.
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Loot me daaaddy <3

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