[3.5]Juggernaut Archer | All content-Bosses-Uber Lab-MagicFind | Uber Elder viable!

3.5 changes

Chin Sol now deals 50% (down from 100%) more damage with Arrow Hits at close range and has 200-260% (up from 150-180%) increased physical damage.
Queen of the Forest now grants 1% increased Movement Speed per 600 (up from 450) evasion Rating, up to 75% (down from 100%).

Chin sol got nerfed so it means less single target damage for us.But still it is probably the best option for bow characters who wants to do some serious single target dps.

Hello,I’ve been playing PoE since perandus league and been creating my own builds for quite some time.I decided to make a juggernaut archer because we all know how squishy rangers are so i wanted to test juggernaut both defensively and offensively and the result was pretty satisfying.I apologise for any possible grammer mistakes.(English isn’t my native language.)

Build summary
First of all this is a bow build so it means you will need decent gear to start doing end game content and bosses.This means you need abyss jewels and good jewellery.So if you want to start doing this build,you either start as this guy and make a progress through a week or more(depends on your play time) or you spend the currency you farmed on another character.But in the end,you will be satisfied by the result and can do anything in the game including Uber Elder.


All deathless except Uber Elder where i died once because i had to answer phone and messed up a bit :)
Uber elder
Pit of the Chimera
Maze of the Minotaur
Lair of the Hydra

Pros & Cons

+ Good map clearer.
+ Very good single target.
+ Can farm Uber Lab.
+ Can use magic find gear and farm burial chambers etc.
+ Good survivalability.
+ You can’t be slowed below base speed which means your character can never get stuck or walk like a zombie.

- Not fast as a ranger.
- Some bosses are annoying if you are using barrage.
- You need to get used to weapon swapping.


-2million+ boss dps (I have 2.465m) without power charges because you won’t have them on bosses
-%92 hit chance without any gear investment
-%45+ crit chance
-%400+ crit multi
-Enough penetration thanks to watcher’s eye and triple balanced The Wise Oak(i’m missing boots enchant)


-6500+ life
-%30 attack dodge
-%25+ evasion
-%25+ physical mitigation
-%80 all resistances
-700+ life regen per second
-Stun and freeze immunity all the time
-Can use self casted immortal call for physical immunity(4-5seconds) to tank big damages(shaper slam,elder tentacles,minotaur entirely)

Gear (My gear and other recommendations)

My gear in Delve league

Gear explanation and other recommendations


Doomfletch’s Prism for mapping,Chin Sol for bossing.You need to use weapon swap(default keybind is ‘X’ i believe)
You can use Windripper for mapping.It might be better if you don’t have physical damage on your gear.


Boss killing(with chin sol) - Shaped quivers has “bow attacks fire an additional arrow” prefix.This gives the most damage if you are using barrage for boss killing. Other good stats are life,crit multi and elemental damage with attacks.This gets more expensive for each stat you add so it’s up to you.
Mapping - Again shaped quivers are nice because 1 additional arrow is good for map clearing but you don’t have to use one if you are low on currency.You can use cheaper rares or if you are using something like tornado shot for mapping and if you have the money,go for Rigwald’s Quills(very expensive) or Fracturing Spinner(budget)
Note that if you used quiver as resist balancing for Wise Oak,you probably can’t use uniques on your mapping slot.


I used lightpoacher for mapping with Lightning Arrow enchant.The green projectiles that it shoots aren’t doing anything so don’t count that if you consider this helm.The reason for this helm is extra jewel slots so you can put “onslaught on kill” jewels for mapping,and also all resistances.
Starkonja is always nice and enchants are cheaper on it(most of the time i guess).I used this one for end game boss killing.Barrage enchant is 50-70chaos on this helm.

Body Armour

Loreweave has everything we want so it is the best piece for offence and defense combined.You should save money and get one with 80 resists or maybe you get lucky and make one yourself with the rings you collect.This chest piece is hard to acquire at league starts so keep that in mind.
You can use Queen of the Forest if you are playing as magic find mapper.Belly of the Beast is also a viable option if you don’t aim for Uber Elder etc.


One word ... “Tombfist” Put one searching eye,one murderous eye jewel in this.Be careful with that!


Bubonic trail is expensive with 2 sockets so you can pass this one and use a rare boots to help with resistances.The damage loss shouldn’t be very noticeable.


One ring is shaped rare ring,other is Mark of the Elder.You need shaped ring to get the “% increased attack damage” bonus.
The other reason for shaped ring is you can curse enemies with assassin’s mark on hit.Which means all the time.So you are getting power charges while killing enemies.And some damage boost while boss killing.Other stats to look for; lightning damage to attacks,life,resists and maybe intellect.It gets more expensive for each added stat so you gotta balance your gear.
You can use opal ring instead of Mark of the Elder but you should check if you gain dps by doing that.


I wanted to tank bosses without running much,so additional leech helps a lot.This can only be on elder based amulets.Other stats to look for;lightning damage to attacks,life,resists and maybe intellect.You can’t put everything on desired values because there won’t be much results on the market.You can start with a normal amulet and later buy this one.


Stygian wise has socket so it means more damage for us.Main stats to look for;elemental damage with attack skills,life,resists.You can also get flask stuff but those are very expensive and isn’t needed for boss killing that much.


Lots of searching eye jewels and one murderous eye jewel.Also you need 2 unique jewels,lioneye’s fall and watcher’s eye.
Stats for rare jewels
-Lightning damage to attacks/Lightning damage to bow attacks
-Cold damage to attacks/Cold damage to bow attacks
-Increased attack speed if you’ve dealt a critical strike recently
-%5 attack speed
-Crit multi
-% chance to gain onslaught for 4 seconds on kill (for mapping,put in lightpoacher if you are using one,aim for one jewel with %8 or get both jewels with high values so you have high uptime on onslaught)
These are all the stats i think are the best.Lightning damage>all others.Fire damage ignites which does no damage so it is a waste.Physical damage is only nice with doomfletch’s prism so i didn’t write that on the list.

Jewel searching links for new players

Delete life mod and add another damage mod if you are looking for cheaper options.

Life & x2lightning
Life & light & onslaught
Life & lightbow & onslaught

Life & lightbow & cold
Life & light & coldbow

Unique jewels

Lioneye’s fall gives lots of crit,crit multi and provides the life leech and mana leech for us.Put this in the jewel socket upper side of acrobatics so it converts all the claw nodes to bow nodes.If you don’t have one yet,make sure you pick some mana leech nodes on tree.
Watcher’s eye has some options;
If you have hatred with increased critical chance then you can use it but don’t buy this if you don’t have one.I had one and played with it.This one is very expensive and gives less damage compared to wrath jewels.You can consider this for mapping only.Because hatred gives cold damage which means higher chance to shatter monsters.
The other one is wrath with lightning penetration.This is cheaper and gives more damage compared to hatred.Make sure your rare jewels has lots of lightning damage so this gets even juicier.This is the best option for boss killing.

Gem links

First of all you don't have to use barrage and lightning arrow as i did.This is a generic tree and gear setup so it should work for most of the skills.You can use Tornado Shot,Ice Shot,Split Arrow for mapping.But for bossing there isn't much option so Barrage is a good choice.You can probably play as Rain of Arrows for everything but i'm not experienced with that so i can't give you any tips.
Body Armour
Barrage - Slower Projectiles - Elemental Focus - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Added Lightning Damage
Your last link depends on your watcher’s eye.If you are using hatred then you have lots of crit already so Lightning Penetration gives more boss damage.
If you have wrath penetration then Increased Critical Strikes is your choice.

Doomfletch’s Prism/Windripper(put mapping skill in this)
Lightning Arrow - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Mirage Archer - Added Lightning Damage - Elemental Damage with Attacks
I don’t have 6 link bow so this was my setup.For your last link you can use Increased Critical Strikes, Ice Bite to gain frenzy charges or if you don’t have all your abyss jewels yet, Chance to Bleed this can give you more damage.You should check Path of Building and see the best options(Don’t use elemental focus for map clearing)

%25 reserve ->Herald of Thunder
%50 reserve-> Wrath or Hatred pick one of these depending on your watcher’s eye jewel
Other options;
Herald of Purity ->Better for Doomfletch.Minions sometimes tanks monsters so helps with mapping,delve.
Herald of Ice ->Can be used for map clearing depending on your skill gem.Lightning Arrow doesn’t need it so i didn’t consider it.
If you have watcher’s eye with any purity auras,then you can drop herald of thunder and use that purity for physical mitigation.Enlighten might be needed depends on your gem links,attack speed and remaining mana to prevent oom.(out of mana)

Other gems
Blink Arrow - Faster Attacks
Immortal CallIncreased Duration - Faster Casting
Frenzy ->To generate frenzy charges on bosses.
Enduring Cry ->Can be used in some situations.


Note that we don’t need freeze immunity because we are juggernaut.
These 3 flasks should be used all the time;
1.Diamond flask of staunching->Bleed Immunity
2.The Wise Oak->You need to balance your resistances for maximum effect,otherwise focus on lightning for penetration and balance the other two for defense.Don’t forget to calculate dying sun’s fire resist.
3.Dying Sun->+2 projectiles mean more clearing for map and very big damage for single target.
Other options to fill the remaining 2 slots;
Quicksilver of Adrenaline->This is a must for mapping
Atziri’s Promise->Extra damage.Also chaos resist is good for some situations.
Basalt flask->Roll this one with curse immunity and use for mapping.Make sure you get +charges or %reduced charge usage.
Blood of the Karui->Good for healing when you have 6k+ hp.

Talent Tree

Bandit & Pantheons

Help Alira for crit multi and resistances.
Soul of Lunaris->Good for mapping
Soul of Solaris->Good for single target and fights with elemental damage.
Soul of Arakaali->If you want some protection against shock,use this for mapping.Very good to use if you have watcher’s eye with “physical damage taken as lightning while affected by purity of X”
Soul of Yugul->Good for uber elder
Soul of Tukohama->More physical mitigation and healing when you stand and tank bosses.
Basically use something that you think is useful for you.


Normal lab:Undeniable
Cruel lab:Unstoppable
Merciless lab:Unflinching
Uber lab:Unbreakable
Unrelenting:This isn’t very good as an archer because sometimes you don’t get hit by anything for some time and that means you don’t have any endurance charges.
Unyielding:Very bad compared to others.


Gloves:I don’t think any of the enchants worth your time so i don’t use any.If you know something useful,go for it.
“Damage penetrates x% of enemy elemental resistances if you haven’t killed recently”->Good for guardians,shaper,uber elder.
“Adds 1 to 160 lightning damage if you haven’t killed recently”->Good for boss killing.Gives less damage compared to penetration enchant.
“Increased attack and cast speed if you’ve killed recently”->Good for mapping.
For barrage->Barrage fires an additional projectile.
For lightning arrow->Lightning Arrow hits 2 additional enemies.
If you are using a different skill for map clearing,then find an enchant suitable for you.



Leveling tips

If you have leveling uniques then you can start as an archer but i don’t really recommend it.Doomfletch is level 28,Doomfletch’s prism is a level 40 item. You can level as sunder until you use it.You don’t even have to pick so many melee damage nodes.Just pick some nearby and continue the tree as usual.When you switch to bow,refund anything related to melee.Doomfletch is a very powerful weapon so you won’t have any trouble leveling after that.If it isn’t your first character,buy some low level abyss jewels with “physical damage to attacks” for more damage.
Uniques to mention;
Wanderlust->Freeze immunity,movement speed
Storm Cloud->Very good if you started as archer.
Meginord’s Girdle->Flat physical damage,cold resist,life
Hyrri’s Bite->Has every attribute,decent life gain on hit,attack speed,cold damage
Ondar’s Clasp->Very high attack speed when on full life,you can use this until you get tombfist
Goldrim->Lots of resistances

Possible questions you might ask

-Can i use doomfletch’s prism for everything?
I did all guardians and shaper with doomfletch first.But for uber elder chin sol is your best option.So yeah,unless you want that extra 500k dps,doomfletch is enough.
-How much currency should i invest to do everything reliably?
I will price all my gear here so it should give you an idea.

Bows->Doomfletch is 1c,ancient doom prophecy is 1c.Go make doomfletch’s prism yourself.Kill act 2 last boss.People sell the bow for more than 5 chaos so don’t buy it unless you want very good rolls.Chin sol with good rolls are 10c max.
Quivers->Up to 2 ex depending on stats.Mine is 1.5ex.
Helm->Starkonja with barrage is 50-70c.Lightpoacher(2 sockets) with lightning arrow is 1ex.
Loreweave->Depends on league’s current status.And i can’t predict how many fusing you will spend so i won’t calculate this one.This applies for all builds so this piece doesn’t make the build any more expensive.
Tombfist->You want with 2 sockets.Currently 1.5ex.They were 90c earlier.Don’t know what’s going on.
Bubonic trail->2 socketed ones are 3ex.You can use rare boots so it depends on your boots choice.
Belt->I always craft my own stygians because they are expensive.You will probably spend around 70c.
Rings->Mark of elder with good rolls are 20c i guess.Rare shaped ring depends on the stats you are looking for.I bought mine around 50c.
Amulet->Bought mine for 45c.You may need to search a good necklace for a few days.
Jewels->Lioneye’s fall 1ex,watcher’s eye 3ex(wrath),rare jewels depend on tier of the stats.You will spend average 40-50c on each of them.

My other builds

Contact me here or in game for any questions.
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Should I try this on HC Delve?
hamp69 wrote:
Should I try this on HC Delve?

My first death was around level 90 i guess.So if you know what you are doing,it is very tanky and safe.You should also get phase acrobatics and maybe focus on a little more life(7k+)
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Why the claw talents?
v64du1 wrote:
Why the claw talents?

Lion's fall unique jewel converts those into bow.
Added 3.5 changes.
Can do uberlab - how comfortable is it in the lab?

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