3.4.3d Patch Notes

Organic chemistry is a weird thing. If you add a spoon of shit to a barrel of jam you'll get a barrel of shit.
edge of madness from chests behind walls lets go loool

Now if they'll get rid of the insanely annoying craptastic things found there (without anything else) like forgotten loot, ect, that are found commonly in non-walled areas.

And move all of the fossils behind walls so those speed darkness immune farmers are forced to blast walls so that instances cannot just be re-set and farmed endlessly.
Qarl wrote:
3.4.3d Patch Notes

Increased the spawn chances of all Delve bosses.

If only the spawn frequency of places like the Underground Stash were increased as well.
Still no fix for the hideout instance crashes.
Hello patch notes.
good work guys :D

this game gets better and better

cheers x
"Boy, sulphite sure is a fun, engaging, and well-thought-out mechanic."

Much like Deadpool, I like to say combinations of words that have never been said before, too.
No fun allowed.™
Nothing about the bugged encounters for the Primeval ruins and not completing the challenge...feelsbad
Good work o/
I like to summon things ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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