Some More Delve Improvements

Dear GGG
ty for the awesome Delve league im really enjoying it...

well id like to see more voltaxis well in the maps, cos at thie rate take so much time to fill 18000 voltaxi capacity, i really wish was more easy to find'em.
Id love to explore the Delve, but take me long to get back to Delve dungeons... if u double the rate of spawn in the map, i think will be sufficient, at least 2 for low maps, and up to 5 deposit of sulphites for red tier maps.

Ty i hope this feedback can help, i really want to have more time in Delve..

keep the good work GGG
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Good change to Delve Challange IV... Still will never complete it since I yet have to find even one boss. Delve lvl 300 and non met so far. Not even from. Delve Challange I...
So why even bother to try and reach 36 challanges when 4 of those are allready locked for me due to missing encounters?

At this rate I might just abandon delve league... sadly because it is a nice concept.
Why are we STILL waiting on these improvements? You guys do realize that leagues are a limited time event right? I don't really mind that leagues need some tweaking after they go live. But we are almost five full weeks in to a 12 week event at this point. I love Path, but I am pretty disappointed in the level of service we are getting as customers right now.
this league is a mess.

1 month playing multiple houres every day and didnt see a single key or 4 sockets resonator yet.

im sorry i have work and family and friends and some other shit to do but could you stop making this game working for nolifers only?

also this sulphit change changed literally nothing, you still run maps all day long to enter delve 1-2 times per day.

lootboxes are a mess too, over and over same hideout shit and no chance for wings or body armor at all.

challenges uncompletable. what sense does it make to do 20 delve challenges if you are forced to be 95% of your time in maps? its complete wasted.

if you find some vaal outpost after 20 times entering the delve you will lose it right away if you die inside, what a bullshit idea is that? only chance for some decent loot and some maps but you cant play any build that has chances to die, its so boring and frustrating. this is no lab jesus christ.

totally dissapointed was so excited and now im close to stop playing coz this league gives you nothing.
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Great changes, finally got 40/40 challenges!

Kinda have to agree with that. Playing Standard league just for a chance to Delve for a bit? Tired already.
Increase the rate at which Niko spawns in maps, no more single make it 2 or 3 - so one maps sulphite gains roughly equals to one average Delve trip. As of now trips of 2-3K and sulphite is 800 from a T16 - not fun at all.

Let people PLAY delve, then nerf it into oblivion in STD like always...

i dont get is this league over? Aul is nonexistent, sulphite is scarse

I would love to see frequency of sulphite nodes to be increased to a point where you get 2 nodes per map most of the time. It also seems to me that certain maps are better or worse at spawning sulphite nodes. My observation leads to a conclusion that open maps such as Dunes are very good for sulphite nodes while maps such as Cursed Crypt or Scriptorium are bad. Indoor maps can spawn dedicated room with sulphite with no mobs but this does not happen too often and it seems that smaller rooms can not spawn sulphite nodes. On the other hand, I had several cases where I found 2 or even 3 nodes in open area maps such as Dunes or Shore.

I would also like to get sulphite ranges more narrow per map tier as it happen that you get more sulphite from top roll in tier 8 map than a bottom roll in tier 13 map. 5 tiers higher map should always yield more sulphite no matter your RNG.
Maybe if the nodes already marked as completed would be added in the challenge ...
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I'm a hardcore player and I play 8+ hrs per day. A month after this league started, i barely play it any longer. Why? The game felt like a chore to me. I neededd to grind 10+ red tier maps just to do around 5 long delves. I'm currently at 420+ depth solo.

I actually find delving fun, but the sulphite grinding outside of it is just tiring, boring, and lifeless. It's like, whenever I play, I only look forward to delving, so I grind t15/t16 maps which are btw so hard to farm right now, and then after I delve I just exit the game and go back to my life and hope that next day I'd have the adrenaline rush to delve again.

This was never the case last league Incursion, because the transition from mapping to the good Incursion content is just so smooth that I wanted to grind maps so hard just to have a chance at unlocking tier 3 rooms with great rewards. You should learn from that league mechanics. You have a great content for players waiting in Delve, but why choose to bar it behind lifeless sulphite grinding? The feeling is like I am forced to eat chunks of synthetic McDonald's beef before I could finally eat A5 wagyu beef. Lol.

If you're worried that Atlas content/mapping would be dead if you hand out Delve content freely to the players, then change Atlas mechanics to something even better that could match the fun Delve currently offers! Not barring the good and fun content Delve offers behind lifeless grinding.

GGG you doing the same mistakes every league last time in bestiary unique bosses now with Delve encouters.. learn for the future please.

First month of every league feels like pre alpha which required tons of fixes, number tweaks and other stuff.

Playing Delve less and less.. just can't go on running maps. Doing T16s and shaped T15s from zana for 6 chaos - can't get enough Sulphite for Delving. Have been running maps for two days - how the fuck is that different from a standard league?

Even when get to Delve - so much is open, can't find shit. Where is the search option for Delve?

Been with PoE since beta 2012, never has seen such a wonderful league concept done so halfassed.

And the patch is only to nerf sulphite, quarry, taxi - no improvements to Delve whatsoever.

When it is more fun to complain about the game then to actually play it...

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