ASCENSION: A home for standard and temp league players for more than 3 YEARS!

IGN Is Unspeck

Sorry missed previous invite, thought it was a different guild, my bad!

Please invite, love to game with you guys.
On another char now, lvling char named ItsScionBch

Still active and recruiting? I'm mostly a standard player, and ACTIVE guilds are extremely hard to find. Main in WikkedGirl.
Hello, I think this is the best guild for me i'd like to join my ign: hamaden
Hello, I would like to join your community :)

In Game name: WeaknessIpray

made an account a while back but never really played looking to get more into it this time. ING: Volelily
Would like to join a guild. IGN: BananaJanna
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Are you active in Standard and recruiting? IGN: Tenasta. I am currently in another guild but, unfortunately, while it is a meaningfully active guild, it is not active in Standard.
Would like to join. Active and friendly.

IGN: EhnbergPoet

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