[3.6] RF Scion | 1.8m+ DPS VRF // 400k+ DPS RF | 10k+ Life

Legiun wrote:
Any updates for 3.7 ?

Hey - I've put together an updated tree, I'll update the main post in the next day or two. A preview of the PoB is linked below. If you spot any room for improvement, let me know!

Gems are a work-in-progress. I'm partially waiting on PoB to be updated, but expect changes.

3.7 is actually a rather large buff for this build, but it was also an even larger buff for Chieftain. Ascendant can hit 470k RF dps and 3k regen at the same level of investment as previous leagues. A quick sketch for Chieftain put it at 500k RF dps and 3k regen as well. With the Trickster Ascendancy, Ascendant can hit 5k regen, but Chieftain also has a conditional Life Recovery modifier now that puts it at 4.5k regen, and the condition is easier to meet in boss fights since it's basically "take damage".

That said, Chieftain and Ascendant are much more comparable this patch, with only a slight edge going to Chieftain now (at least until someone puts together an even more highly optimized build, if that hasn't already happened).

Here's the PoBs so everyone can see where I'm pulling these numbers from.
RF Ascendant: https://pastebin.com/tVDfNPaG
RF Chieftain: https://pastebin.com/kr55BuFf
I'm trying out this RF build for the first time. Is there any advice you guys can give. I'm just starting in legion standard league since my HC characters died and I have no currency since I swapped to standard legion. I guess I've got a couple chaos but nothing major. I'm level 24ish and have prioritised life regen nodes on the tree. What should I be looking for with gear and gems/jewels and what should my tree look like around level 45 when I swap to RF?
I'm pretty new to builds that aren't squishy casters. Sorry in advance.
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Well this build cant take damage nor do it deal damage in 3.8
R.I.p strengt Rf
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