[3.4] 0 ES CI 500% MS Fast Fossil Farmer Pathfinder

What level should be reached before the switch to this build is made?
Hey, I've just leveled this build to 70, and it's working out great.

I've also made a few changes - I'm taking 2 blasphemy curses: enfeeble and temporal chains.

I still have 380% ms just fine, and there's a lot of room for more.

I've also gone scion's/pathfinder so i can respec later, didn't feel like making a ranger...
Did you know kiwi (kiwifruit) are actually berries, and it is a national fruit of China? Also, their name is a big marketing ploy by a major exporter, New Zealand.
Delve fractured wall guide: view-thread/2204851
Legion Emblem Carry thread: view-thread/2598853
Nice guide, i swapped over at 89 which is fine unless i want a watchers eye jewel.
for players thinking of leveling i would try and pick up q gems and lvl them i was surprised at how dear they are at high lvls.
A couple of cheapish corruptions you can get

cost 1c for the boots and 10c for the belt. I tried the double curse but found i got sniped just as much so just went with tc and changed the tree a bit for more curse effect.
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i disconnect every 5 min because to many buttons... any ideas?
and how do u guys manage to destroy walls for some reason if i try it mobs instant wanna kill me no matter what---
Daxter88 wrote:
and how do u guys manage to destroy walls for some reason if i try it mobs instant wanna kill me no matter what---

i dont destroy walls since i refarm the same stretch again and again, destorying walls kills the loot respawn.
Thanks for posting this build the movement speed is insane, however:

45k Evasion is the cap for QoTF you can hit that without Evasion gloves so putting on Veruso gloves nets you 5% MS.

If you have capped darkness resists a second Kikazaru is essentially useless, as you can still survive the 5k cap, and can be replaced with something like a Voideye to get more MS from you're Haste aura gaining you 2-4% MS based on your Haste aura level. Both of these items are extremely cheap.

Does this build still works? Did they call it an exploit or something?
It doesn't work anymore. Have 200+ flat regen and die at 150+ darkness stack

Edit: Still Work, I just stupid :D
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I like this build respec'ed to make this work, I change the helm to Alphas howl, then picked up nodes for auras and added hasted to the build, the haste bonuses with watcher eyes is so worth while "50% reduction on movement skills + phasing" , I always have 190-200 move speed with no flasks and I use phase run ever 2.7sec, Ive found you don't need that much speed, I can stand in the middle of packs spamming phase run and I can just stand there for 20 mins, Ive tested this over with over 3k darkness.

P.S random deaths happen because monster randomly attack/lightning warp about.
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