3.4.3c Patch Notes

I think the only notable improvement in this patch is the cart label size. The rest is meh. Didn't even realize there was a problem.
And still nothing done about the idiotic delve progression spam...

Crap_ChrisCantStopMySpam is the first character to delve to depth 5,678!
UrSpamCanFukOff is the first character to solo delve to depth 3,456!

What about all the latency lag everyone is having ( myself also a little )
The map owner must now be present in order for anyone to receive credit for the "Defeat a Delve Boss" and similar challenges.

Congrats, you fucked boss carrying. Now you basically killed opportunity to ppl to get those challenges cuz THEY WILL NEVER SEE THE BOSS.
"Using a Fractured Fossil to mirror an item with the "Item sells for much more to vendors" implicit modifier now generates a new vendor sell price on the Mirrored copy."

Good job, wait till numerous players get to exploit it, THEN patch it out. /clap
chuckyyy wrote:
and when do u fix the EU realms?!
120ms permanent ....

Check your internet.All servers work perfect 20-40ms with london frankfurt milan amsterdam
Where is the Consecrated Path fix?
Delve. Encounters. IV.
Ofc there is nothing about delve challenges being gated behind bosses that are so rare they might just be a myth.

Maybe you should add a challenge for getting an exalt from Hilloc on the 1st kill for next league, or something else gated behind 7 layers of rng.
Last edited by Wormweed on Sep 27, 2018, 5:15:12 PM
Ashriel wrote:
"Removed Sulphite" line is missing.

↑ Plz add this GGG

It's like playing an old league mechanic on standard.

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