3.4.3c Patch Notes

r4wb1rd wrote:
As others reported, performance took a massive hit with this patch. Before I would be able to record and stream PoE on max settings with stable 60 fps, but since this patch my PC is unable to capture the game whatsoever.

Frames drop to 0.5 fps in the encoder and my CPU is melting. Turning GI off or using "low" GI settings makes it work somewhat, but it's still far, far from before's performance.

Specs: i7, 32 GB RAM, GTX1080, game runs on SSD, Win 10; Display Resolution 1080p, using Windowed Fullscreen (or Fullscreen ... no difference)

Other games (e.g. Overwatch, Destiny 2) I can record/stream with 1080p/60fps on ultra easily - PoE not at all anymore :'(

Like yourself I took a massive hit with this patch. I just bought a brand new computer that ran POE (3 months old) last league perfectly. It even ran this league well except for the last patch.

I can log on, do everything perfectly for up to maybe 15 minutes.. Then the game just freezes my entire machine. Even Task Manager won't work. The only way out is to force a reboot of my entire system.

Needless to say I'm not dropping any money on a game I can only play 10 minutes a day. I might consider it if I could get an hour play time but "Alas".

Right up to the freeze the game runs perfectly, no lag, no rubberbanding etc.

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