3.4.3c Patch Notes

3.4.3c Patch Notes

Delve Improvements
  • Increased the rate and range at which Devourers spawn during the Devourer Delve encounters.
  • Increased the rate and range at which of Plummeting Ursas spawn during the Plummeting Ursa Delve encounters.
  • Reduced the delay between Skeleton waves in the Buried Camp Delve encounters.
  • Reduced the delay between Ancient Phantasm waves in the Ancient Burial Delve encounters.
  • Increased the number of Golems in the Dusty Altar Delve encounters.
  • Improved the decorations in most Delve encounters.
  • Added 3D Art for Hale Negator.
  • Added 3D Art for The Eternal Apple.
  • Added a Ghost Crawler that party members can interact with while the Crawler is not at an encounter.
  • The map owner must now be present in order for anyone to receive credit for the "Defeat a Delve Boss" and similar challenges.
  • Decreased the size of the label for the Crawler. This should help prevent accidentally clicking on the Crawler when trying to pick up items.
  • Using a Fractured Fossil to mirror an item with the "Item sells for much more to vendors" implicit modifier now generates a new vendor sell price on the Mirrored copy.
  • You can now invite Niko to your Hideout from the Mine Encampment.
  • Filled Resonators now display the correct art when linked in chat.
  • Fixed performance issues when collecting Azurite very quickly.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Defeat a Delve Boss without using any Flares" challenge would fail to complete if you had used Flares prior to the boss encounter, such as while being escorted by the Crawler.
  • Fixed a bug where the Subterannean Chart would sometimes not update correctly after completing an encounter.
  • Fixed a bug where Quest Tracker text would overlap with Map Mods text after clicking on a Voltaxic Sulphite vein.
  • Fixed an incorrect confirmation message when trying to drop Resonators which had socketed Fossils on the ground.

Other Improvements
  • Improved the performance of Flame Geysers, Kitava's X Nuke, Skeleton Mages, Formless Witnesses, and Madness Propagators.
  • Summon Holy Relic can now be affected by modifiers to Skill Effect Duration, including those found on Support Gems. Note that this affects the duration of the healing from its nova, so only modifiers that affect a minion's Skill Effect Duration will apply to it, rather than global Skill Effect Duration modifiers (such as those found on the passive tree).
  • The Zana Mods to Shape a Map now correctly require 5 Memory Fragments, 10 Memory Fragments, and the Elder Orb acquired respectively to become unlocked.
  • The Emperor's Luck divination card set can no longer reward Essences or Breach Splinters. It was never intended to do so.
  • The Chaos Damage per Second taken from Coralito's Signature is now correctly downscaled when Level Downscaling is in effect.
  • Tornados are now removed after the Garukhan encounter ends.
  • Re-enabled the Solo Self-Found Migrate All button.
  • Added trails to various Melee skills.
  • Altered the visual effects and audio of Toxic Rain to improve performance.
  • Updated the Arctic Armour cosmetic set to better match its original aesthetic.
  • Fixed a bug where Earthquake, Consecrated Path, Ice Crash, and Wild Strike could deal damage to monsters through walls.
  • Fixed a bug where triggering a Curse supported by Blasphemy would cause the Curse to be disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the ancestors created by Ancestral Call could sometimes only hit an enemy once with Double Strike.
  • Fixed a bug where Scourge Arrow fired from a Mirage Archer created projectiles at the wrong height, causing fewer pods to be created than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where "Socketed Skills have x% increased Attack Speed" was applying to skills that were not attacks or did not create minions which attack.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Corona Solaris's Blinding Aura from activating automatically when entering an area.
  • Fixed a bug where Zana missions could display an incorrect number of bosses to kill.
  • Fixed a bug where Shrines stopped buffing nearby monsters if you ran away from them and then returned.
  • Fixed a bug where the on-cast visuals for Righteous Fire and Herald skills did not appear correctly with a microtransaction applied.
  • Fixed an instance crash with Herald of Agony.
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