The microtransactions from the Apocalypse Mystery Box are now available for purchase on PC and Xbox One! In addition to the 38 items introduced in this Mystery Box, we're adding new skins for two-handed weapons: the Wasteland Longsword and the Automaton Longsword.

If you're interested, it is still possible to get the Apocalypse microtransactions by combining the particular Wasteland and Automaton effects. Check out the Apocalypse Mystery Box trailer below to see everything that's available or check them out in the store here.

Thank you so much for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
Man my credit card is bleeding so hard right now
about time
WTB Mana and life leech for casters on tree...
Got my helicopter pet already
automaton herald here I come!!!
The wasteland portal is sick!
IGN : Bible_Black
Pay to play when? I'd save money on a subscription model. :P
Perception is reality.
I am so happy!
Hardcore: Rafurion
Completed 26 ChallengesNecromancien wrote:
The wasteland portal is sick!
Le... suxxor.

The combined wings look cool but they're hideously huge.

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