[3.4] - Guardian - MJOLNER DW with Minions CRAZY DELVER - (Herald of Purity single target WIN)

So you liked Mjölner before nerfs? Or CoC in good old days?
It's still decent for clear, but single target suck? Well... not any more!

Lets try to use new Minion nodes for damage boost, paired with 4L Herald of Purity in +2 or +3 minion helm. Believe me - this guys do some nice damage when needed, and they even kill stranglers while you pickup loot and currency.

Guardian is best class for this, as it both gives nice boost to Herald of Purity and has great survivability.

Disclaimer: Build is still WIP, so something might change in the future.
As far as I know Sentinels of Purity deal pure physical damage, so Brutality should be better support instead of Melee Phys damage. Still have to test if Additional accuracy is better support instead of Minion Speed.

And what is better than Mjölner?
TWO Mjölners!!!
Yes, we DUAL WIELD them.

First things first: PoB link
So you know most stuff about Mjölner builds, and just want to check what is all about in PoB?

Here is the PoB link: https://pastebin.com/QGJJQyDa

(there are trees for levels 70, 80, 90 and 100, and even leveling tree so you can see how to pickup 3 sockets for Grand Spectrums)


Mjölner damage roll is really not important, so pick any available. We need TWO, as we DUAL WIELD them.

Romira's Banquet is needed for charge generation, and it has some really nice Corruption mods.
Adds Cold damage to spells and attacks is really nice, as we dont need it on ring or gloves... but is a MUST to have somewhere because of Elemental Equilibrium.
All res will for sure make gearing much easier, but if you have resists sorted out you might choose ignite or poison immunity for QoL. There are also few others corruptions that you can choose from.

Voll's Devotion also has some nice corruptions... for Elder I suggest Purity of Ice, as with 80 Cold res life is a bit easier there in arena. Purity of Elements makes gearing a lot easier as we still need to pickup stats and resists on so few of our rare slots.

PLEASE HAVE IN MIND that the rest of your gear DEPENDS on corruption you choose, so choose wisely.

Kingsguard is just OP item for Delving - it's regen makes you explore darkness without using flares, and as long as mobs are around you cant die! As mobs are immune to damage they are always there.

Best thing about chest is that WE DON'T NEED 6L at ALL!
Inc. AoE is just quality of life.


It saves some points, put it near Templar charges jewel slot.

They give us 108% increased Elemental damage for just a few C each. We need 3 for full bonus, 1 or 2 are not worth it so it's 3 or nothing.
Some sick Minion damage + damage and life yellow jewels would be better, but prices are much much higher than cheepo Grand Spectrums.



Rest of items beside +2 or +3 helm are there to fill missing stats/resists, and to give us some QoL or Utillity where possible.

It is really important to have 2 good rolled Quicksilver flasks, otherwise build feels clunky and slow.


Leveling Mjölner is always bit tricky, so you might have your own way to level to 70's before we can equip Mjölners.

I suggest rushing to 3 jewel slots, and putting Grand Spectrums there... so with like 108% bonus Ele damage leveling should be a breeze with any spell or elemental attack. You can even use Phys weapons with conversion to elemental damage, choice is on you. This section will be probably updated a bit later.

When you hit level 70 it is important to check what stats you are missing, and to search for new gear from there.
It is NOT EASY to have needed STR and INT requirements at lvl 70, and you want BADLY for your build to WORK ALLREADY. ;)

One item that might help with STR at first:


Because why not? There is no need to use Saffel's Frame imho, so we can get more damage from 3L Discharge paired with quality Arc in other weapon to apply shocks. Quality on Arc is important as it gives chance to shock.


For Atziri we use Scourge instead of Arc, and Concentrate Effect on Discharge instead of Elemental Focus:

You can put Vaal Summon Skeletons there with minion speed and damage, and Vaal Righteous Fire in boots.

LINKS: (Will be updated as Delve Atlas progress)


Delving - deep is around 150:

Shaper Kill - 1 death (stupid)

Red Elder

Guardian Chimera

Guardian Hydra

Guardian Minotaur

Guardian Phoenix

Red Elder - Constrictor

Red Elder - Enslaver

Red Elder - Eradictor

Red Elder - Purifier

LavaLake T15 - Kitava Boss - 11% Minus MaxRes + Shocking Ground

Lair T11:

Promenade Double Boss:

Hope you'll enjoy the build same as I do!
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(Added Shaper and Guardian kills, Red Elder and Guardians, some Boss kill compilation also)
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You might want to tag this as a Guardian guide so it shows up in that subforum.
Done, thanks.
Alt Art items as League MTX - When?
You suggested this build in one of my threads, and I bought all the uniques I'll need to try it out, but I have a few questions.

I don't think I understand the Elemental Equilibrium mechanic; won't having all three damage types hitting with every trigger of my socketed gems just raise all the resists to 75%?

What's the purpose of only Discharge and Arc being used? Again, I feel like I'm missing mechanical knowledge. Wouldn't having six lightning spells triggering be better, and cover a larger area?
Highest Character: Level 92 86% Block/Static Strike Champion - Abyss League
I get bored of the grind around 90, probably won't ever get a higher character.
Elemental Equilibrium means when you hit enemy with Cold damage (in our case it is Cold, either present as Romira ring corruption, or rolled on rare ring or gloves but it MUST be PRESENT SOMEWHERE in our build), it gets +25% resistance to Cold, but -50% resistance to Fire and Lightning.

So when we hit with Cyclone this happens, and that is why you need to have X-X Cold damage when you mouse over Cyclone tooltip. But there must be NONE Fire or Lightning when you mouse over Cyclone tooltip! (This happens for example if you find nice gloves with Added Cold damage to Attacks, but miss other roll that says the same but for Fire or Lightning.

So we hit with Cyclone BEFORE Discharge or Arc proc, it applies EE to that mob and THEN it gets hit with Discharge or Arc while it has -50% Fire and Lightning applied.

Discharge is our main damage dealer here, and that is why it needs to be supported with damage gems.

Arc is really nice Quality of Life AoE clear skill, as it kills stranglers and 9 chains is really enough for that. It even chains offscrean, so it is REALLY good for map clear.

When we do Atziri we don't want to hit mirror copy, so we use something that is more controllable. I prefer Scourge with Vaal summon Skellies supported with minion damage and minion speed.

Alt Art items as League MTX - When?
Highest Character: Level 92 86% Block/Static Strike Champion - Abyss League
I get bored of the grind around 90, probably won't ever get a higher character.
I just hit 60 and can use Mjolnir, and holy shit this is awesome!
Highest Character: Level 92 86% Block/Static Strike Champion - Abyss League
I get bored of the grind around 90, probably won't ever get a higher character.
I am glad that you are enjoying it. ;)
Alt Art items as League MTX - When?
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what you thought about using the Helmet indigon ?
its insane for mjolner
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