Delve Costing Changes

Wraithexe wrote:
Chris wrote:

Because of our use of an exponential curve, a difference in just a couple of tiers of maps has a very large difference in Sulphite gain, and this means that if you can't sustain Tier 16 maps, you will have a vastly different amount of Sulphite than someone who can.

I think "can" is different than "want to" and many of us didn't want to

Regardless, thanks for fixing this.

For sure. Sustaining T16 maps basically means elder corner, unspec the guardian maps, buy up fragments and sextants en mass, etc. All that is fine, of course, but it is a lot of "player interaction." Sometimes you just want to play the actual game.
I called it quits after the canary (had to get him first).

Seriously. Following that cart, back tracking, trying not to die in the dark is HORRID.
I wish they had boosted both T16 and lower tier gains instead of lower tier gains.
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can you increase the sulphite cap to 40 trillion
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Ok so only 1 t16 chimera map tried before I headed to work. With 95% increased quantity on map I got 1300 sulphite from one and only vein. Looking at my mine, it is proportional to 1 delve segment in depth 375 which I'm curently on. I'm not quite sure, that I'll be able to sustain T16 maps in SSF with this sulphite burnout. 1 decent delve looks like 5k+ sulphite, so at least 4 t16 maps. That doesn't look sustainable for me...
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Dumdedoo wrote:
Let me wake you up from your dream. in delve I am only at a depth corresponding to tier 9 maps while I've unlocked tier 11 maps in the Atlas.
Your statements claims with current Sulpher gains I should get far superior Sulpher gains as my map clearance surpasses my delve depth.

Pre-patch: I needed to do approximately 1 tier 11 map to gain a long delve- path.

Post-patch: I need to do approximately 4 tier 11 maps alched rolled and vaaled to have barely enough for the same path.

So even in your explanation, your calculation is VERY wrong. And the only thing your statement does is lose faith in fixing this issue even more!

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GGG, do you even read comments? After your first manifesto for this patch last week, me and many other people were thinking if these new equivalents are: old T16 = new 100%+ quantity T16, then this is not only nerf to quarry but also big nerf to maps too, since you'd need to play corrupted 8mod T16 to even match the pre-patch.

I seriously disappointed that you still managed to fuck this one up. People were screaming that quarry is just a symptom of bigger issue, yet you fixed issue and even managed to worsen the cause of it.

The fix was simple - old map tier should equal new upscaled map tier at 0% (in terms of costs vs gains ratio).. Then the quantity is actually your bonus and it would have generally increased delve accessibility especially if you play hard maps or get just tiny bonus if you roll easy maps.

Even this second fix makes absolute jack shit. Maps will still be less rewarding than pre-patch (which, I will repeat again, was the core issue), because the baseline to even out is still a 100%+ quantity T16.

Sorry, I'm done with the league, you killed it with your massive incompetence and lack of ability to actually understand feedback. 3 weeks in - it still feels not right, my patience for waiting is completely out. This also tells me, it generally not worth to start playing at league start, because it will be garbage that needs weeks of fixing to feel right.
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Our model (based on live gameplay data) showed that the changes in 3.4.3 would result in 25% more Delving for the average player who was playing at a given tier of maps

Are you [Removed by Support]???

The nerfs have resulted in me leaving for the season, so a 0% more Delving for me. Maps SUCK and are boring, the whole 10 ACTS is such a bore.

I'm out.
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This kind of reaction and consideration of feedback is part of why this game is so successful. Keep it up Chris!
On one hand, I'm always impressed by your all's willingness to reverse/change decisions based on player feedback. On the other I feel this may have been a bit too quick on the draw. You're hitting all the right points as far as I can tell, don't get me wrong, but a lot of the blowback was (from what I could tell) people not understanding proportional increases and equivalent map:delve levels.

Granted playerbases have a nasty tendency to latch onto things so I can understand a measure of haste but I truly hope this isn't cracking anyone's confidence in their design. Don't let the knee-jerk naysayers get you down!

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