[3.6] Angry Walrus | CI Aegis Aurora 60-100k Armor | Super Tank

I revive this build with guardian version and make some changes. I use lethal pride jewel with kiloava giving Glancing Blows keystone which doubles block and spell block but we get 50% of blocked hits, not so good but i play with no problems. Also with high block chance, passive called Arcane Swiftness grant 5% spell damage per 5% block attack damage and this passive gives us 75% spell damage. We need just around 35% attack block and spell block grom gear and tree, and tempest shield doing rest of the job. Droping some weird things like advancing fortress and reckless defnce jewels we can deal some more damage and also changing ascendancy from bastion of hope to radiant crusade we get buff with summoned flame golem. to In HoGM i dont die, only problem is some horde of zombies on face and ofc scorching rays :) Sorry for my bad english:D
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Hello! I've always wanted to revisit CI and I wanted to try it with this build with my level 100 Gladiator.
Linked below are my items~

Noteworthy changes:
The Aegis Aurora "Replenish 4%" this is a legacy modifier.
Vinkter's is for the shock effect to increase dps.
HH is for Luls (but no other noteworthy belt was able to increase dps therefore luls)
Originally I used Astramentis +100 attributes but anvil gave 3% max block so I chose that instead
In theory I could use

for more dps and equal crit chance but I've delayed testing this.
I chose the foil and crit nodes on tree because dps was terrible although cerberus limb is perfect all around defensively.
dps still feels very slow (1 million) despite Vaal warchief totem active and my effort to max crit (currently effectively 89% from PoB) using pure phys.
I love the CI aspect however I cant help but feel like maybe dual-wielding non-CI may be better? we still can achieve max block + offensive auras/impale which would greatly boost dps. 6.2k es 48k armor, Replenish 1,920 es on block. Current goal for this char is to delve as deep as possible.
Pob here~

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