[3.8] Scourge Arrow Ignite prolif Elementalist 🏹 Melt the Atlas on a budget, 1M+ Shaper Ignite DPS

Hi sorry newb here, would 'Gang's Momentum' be used as a source of damage and ignition?
Xzarg wrote:
I almost finished adjusting my gear and wanted to share some of my reasoning. I skipped a few of the optional unique in favor of rares with life and bonuses:



You should be pretty durable with that amount of Life + Dodge, nice twists to the build :)

mat_deception wrote:
Hi! I'm currently running this build on hardcore and having a blast!

I'm wondering about something that you may have thought about:

If I put elemental army on my flame golem, would exposure to fire apply to my ignite? and if so I should take it, right?

Oh wow, yes of course it would. I can't believe I missed that one, I even talked about the gem to a friend recently... We are starting to get very gem starved but eh, it's a free 5% more damage on my setup. Thanks for the heads up !
I really need to update that gem section when I get some time.

QuakeSocrates wrote:
Hi sorry newb here, would 'Gang's Momentum' be used as a source of damage and ignition?

Hello there !
Gang's Momentum does work with this build but a few things make it worse than a regular Rare pair of boots.
* No HP and we need HP
* 25% movement speed instead of 30%.
* 40% Damage works but is pretty low because we already have loads of % Damage (diminishing returns).
* We can't craft "x% increased effect of non-damaging Ailments" which increase the Shock value for a much higher damage boost than the 40% of Gang's Momentum.
[3.7] Scourge Arrow, Ignite Proliferation Elementalist. Melt T15 on a budget, All content viable.
[3.7] Shocking Elementalist, Lightning Tendrils Cast when Channeling Arc. Budget version included
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What is your honest opinion of using Rearguard (24/15) and Rumi's(20/10) partnered with a Kiloava Jewel in the templar (5 notables) jewel socket to get Glancing Blows and switching out a golem to a Stone Golem?

Should give 75/50 block and a ton of regen to counteract all the 50% damage blocks.
I wanted to share my variant with trickster. I switched to hyrri's ire, bubonic trail and voidfletcher for more damage according to PoB. Very little life as I've been trying to amp up my damage for red tier blighted maps without success. Let me know if you guys are having better luck and have any suggestions! Very fun otherwise!

just wanna throw an idea out here:

i been thinking of using the full abyssal gear for an elementalist scourge arrow build.

basically using the doomherald scion build here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2323614

and merging it with the elementalist ascendency.

i think the skill tree needs to go through some changes but generally the idea is the same.

i don't have time to polish up this concept here so just want to share an idea. ;)
Looks like this build is going to be pretty expensive to play in 3.9:
-Hopeshredder drops from Elder who will now only show up based on Zana missions
-Bow builds are likely to be popular with the planned bow changes, so Ele stacking abyss gems are going to be even harder to buy. Similar problem with Hyrri's Ire.
Built the original pob version linked in the op. Very squishy.
Even with Kaoms, still get demolished in yellow maps, so i have to be extra careful, which makes mapping quite slow.
Nice damage, but somewhat frustrating to play specially vs ranged enemies.
Golems die very fast and often too, very annoying to re-summon.

Any tips?
Btw what's your thoughts about the new reworked Xoph's bow and skipping Ele Equilibrium if Hopeshredder proves harder to obtain with altas changes?

Also will changes to scourge arrow impact viability of this build?
Scourge Arrow
Scourge Arrow's base weapon damage has been lowered, but the skill now deals added Chaos Damage that grows as the gem levels. The skill was often used with builds adding elemental damage, so this change is intended to give it a greater reward to Chaos damage based builds while also improving its usability while leveling.
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If you want to play some kind of this build with new changes, change to Voltaxic and Zerphi's Heart, keep Stormfire. Scale just lightning damage and some effect of shock, 100+ ideally, skip frenzy charges. For omegabig bosses you can use second setup with pure damage lighting arrow for high shock.
Also with new fire node between duelist and ranger you can remove Combustion (it there for ignite chance) from main setup for Awakened gem. (Combustion debuff is global)
And also you can use Wave of Conviction for Exposure, but only with first hit, to overwrite it after for EE
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