DSC (Delve SoftCore) - Uber Elder / Delve bosses carry service etc.

Msged him when I only had two portals left on my uber elder. One for me and one for him.

Showed up promptly with no request of any loot or payment and bolted out of the instance as soon as he was done with the kill. Didn't even look at the loot.

Awesome experience, and screw the uber elder haha!

Great Uber Elder service. Very cool guy :)
When are you next time online? i tried my uber now 4 times and could not do it :( i have enough dps but i am getting killed because i can't avoid everything. don't want to map till uber is dead because i could loose influnce and than the maps i did for spawning and killing the guardins would be useless

in the end i could do it! ty anyway
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Carried my Uber Elder without any problems. Great Service!!!
Really good dude, fast and easy.

Very fast,safe and really nice guy. 100% recomendable
Gave clear instructions and killed uelder fast.
Saved my uber elder, for free

+1 very good guy
Update: I do have my end game gear now, 100% guaranteed deathless.

Also doing hard Delve bosses as well now.
My Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/obsolee7
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Fast and friendly, unfortunately I had to go afk for 30 second and he died for me to have completion (again sorry, hope the tip recovered your 10%). Left map before boss drops, so 100% trust in this guy.

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