DSC (Delve SoftCore) - Uber Elder / Delve bosses carry service etc.

Fast Carry, very friendly, reliable service.
Would ask again for a carry!
insane service... fast, reliable.
2 times already

Awesome service. And fair, you pay what you can afford.

He killed Uber Elder without a single death. Fast and friendly.

1 UElder carry well done. Very fast, very polite, no deaths, expained the process. Would deffo use again.
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Did Uber for me - fast and reliable.
done UB Elder deathless

thanks a lot.
Just did my uber elder, quick and transparent. +1
Carried me a second time. This guy is just great!
Carried uber Elder for me, quick and and super friendly. Can recommend!
Helped me out with Uber Elder and left before loot even dropped. They were quite reliable and didn't even use any extra portals. Friendly and helpful :D

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