DSC (Delve SoftCore) - Uber Elder / Delve bosses carry service etc.

Very friendly and reliable person who will help carry Uber-Elder/Delve Bosses without a fee which is a bonus, and will give easy and simple instructions to follow! Didn't need to take the time out of his day to carry me through Uber-Elder but hey, he did!
Really much appreciated! (Hope you enjoyed the tips ^_^)

Thanks again for the Uber-Elder Carry! and I assume plenty more to come!

- Whoretexz
Carried my Uber-Elder without dying as advertised. Very friendly and quick service. Would recommend. Thanks again.
Carried my uber elder and also explains everything step-by-step. Pick this guy!
Quick and straightforward - elder clear happened just as promised!
Very polite and trusted service. I recommend him to all!

THanks alot! 1 portal kill and fast! i love our comunity have guys like him ;-)
Very fast and awesome service, ty mate.
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Really quick service =) Didn't take shaper/elder items like some other services. 10/10 would get carried again.
Great, quick service and awesome person behind it! Also, some great luck.

First time trusting another blindly in poe, and first time user of services. This one is highly recommended, went smooth and fast and no BS at all.


Uber elder kill btw - for free, but ofc i tipped :)
(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ ign Cazjer

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