DSC (Delve SoftCore) - Uber Elder / Delve bosses carry service etc.

Uber elder kill. Great service, everything went as promised.
Carried my Uber Elder, quick, easy, painless.
Even left the boss arena before the loot dropped to make sure I got it all.
Highly recommended.
He carried my über elder today and it took only a couple of minutes. Highly recommended.
Wonderfull and Quick Uber Elder run.
I Wouch for him.
Fast kill, very friendly person, would definitely recommend!
Very friendly guy. Quick kill and overall great
Carried my Uber Elder without problems. Great Service!
Perfect Going. Very very nice Player, who made an exception and paused streaming just to kill my Uber-Elder. Quick and reliable. I died the moment I stepped in so it was definitly the right decision to ask for assistance.;)

Would recommend to everyone who needs a carry. I vouch for him.
Responded very quickly, and carried uber elder very fast. Also a very friendly player, 10/10 would recommend!

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